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Photo observations as a way of knowing the world

03 May 2023, 07:25, parser
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Now it is difficult to find a person who does not have a camera — it is also in the form of a separate, sometimes cool device, and is built into a mobile phone. However, not many of us can boast of those who use the existing camera one hundred percent. But never mind, we will help you fix it.

A camera is not just a device that allows you to beautifully photograph your kitty, it is a powerful tool for learning about the world. Surely every day you noticed dozens of interesting things around you dozens of times, noted to yourself "hmm, interesting" and passed on. This is not quite right — squeeze the most out of the interesting things around, be inspired by yourself and inspire others. And the camera is your indispensable assistant.

  • Teach yourself a simple rule: if you see something interesting, take a picture of it. It doesn't matter what it will be — a beautiful tree, an interesting life situation on the street, a colleague sleeping with his face on the keyboard, an unusual moment on the train or traveling. Understand — there will be no other opportunity to capture this! As an amateur photographer, I have reproached myself hundreds, thousands of times for passing by an interesting frame and not making it. Don't repeat my mistakes. We saw something interesting, took out the camera, took it off, looked at the result: if it worked out, go ahead, if it didn't work out, reshoot it (if there is such an opportunity). And no excuses!

    iPhone case «Grandmother», Cologne supermarket

  • Share your photo notes. If you shoot on a mobile device, post photos on Twitter, blog or Instagram* (if you use an iPhone). Photos will dilute your flow of communication quite well and attract new friends and followers to you.

    Feel free to share your notes with others. Many modern photojournalists and documentary photographers started with simple photos of things interesting to them. And I also know a man who carried his simple digital "soap dish" everywhere with him, and then published a real photo album of his observations and notes.

  • Save and organize your photo notes. Every day (or every week, depending on your photo fertility) upload photos to a separate folder named after the date of creation of the snapshot. If something needs to be corrected, do it. Choose the best picture of the day (or week) and put it in the "Best" folder. It's also a good idea to save your photo notes in online photo albums, such as Flickr. There, for each photo, you can save tags, descriptions and specify the place where it was taken.

    Daddy « The best » then it's nice to show others, use in a blog and review yourself — this is concentrated inspiration, blanks for the moment when « is not rushing.

  • Look for new places or come up with a subject for mobile photo collection. For example, I have been photographing various "emergency" signs for a long time — fleeing little men and fire extinguishers. Some people take pictures of sleeping people in transport, some — funny price tags and signs. For the mighty, photographing has become a real hobby!

Just try to live a week in the mode of actively photographing everything interesting — and you will notice how interesting and exciting it is! You are your own photographer, a bild editor and a glossy magazine, all your friends are your enthusiastic and inspired readers, and the world around you is an inexhaustible field for photo observations!

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