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About Everything Wiki » Technologies » Microsoft is preparing a major Windows 11 update with AI. It will be released this year

Microsoft is preparing a major Windows 11 update with AI. It will be released this year

20 Jan 2024, 00:03, parser
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Microsoft is preparing a major Windows 11 update codenamed Hudson Valley. It is expected to be released this year and will be distributed as the "24H2 version".

Windows Central writes Windows 11 version 24H2: New features, next-gen AI PCs, and everything we know so far that it will be heavily focused on the capabilities of artificial intelligence. If you believe the rumors, then users are waiting for an even more advanced Copilot, which will improve the interface and even improve the performance of applications, search and much more.

The Copilot button in the system will move to the far right corner of the taskbar. Version 24H2 will also add a special "Copilot in Windows" option to the settings menu. It will allow you to enable or disable the display of the AI assistant user interface when running on a PC with large screens, as well as configure chat providers and third-party plugins.

Image: Windows Central

With the update, users will also be able to use AI to find any word, file, image, or application that was previously open on a PC.

Microsoft is working on another improvement to Snap Layouts. In version 24H2, the company will introduce a feature that will use machine learning to identify frequently used applications to offer them in the Snap Layout interface.

Image: Windows Central

The Explorer will also become better by increasing its performance. Users will also be able to view and edit image metadata in PNG format. Some changes are expected in the quick settings menu of the taskbar. In particular, it will open much faster.

Image: Windows Central

Phone Link in 24H2 will finally allow you to use your phone as a webcam, similar to iPhone and Mac. To do this, the settings page for connected mobile devices will appear. A new "Power Saving" mode will be added to the power settings.

Image: Windows Central

But this is only part of the expected changes. Some predict that the company will release this update as Windows 12, it will be so big.

Windows Central sources said that Microsoft plans to release version 24H2 in September. Its release will be timed to coincide with the release of AI computers. They should be available on the market in June with an update already pre-installed. However, access to it will appear only by autumn, when it will be considered fully ready.

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