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About Everything Wiki » Survival » Happy Camping — is an application necessary for every hiking lover

Happy Camping — is an application necessary for every hiking lover

03 May 2023, 06:36, parser
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We are modern people, and we should have a separate application for each type of activity! I don't even know if it sounds funny or sad. However, today's Happy Camping app can really come in handy for those who like to go hiking and on outings. So the next time you're going camping, don't forget to take your iPhone! By the way, we have great material about what you need to take with you on a hike besides the iPhone, don't miss it.

Happy Camping is an all-in-one app for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. It includes 6 utilities:

  1. Flashlight
  2. Compass
  3. Level
  4. Strobe light
  5. List of things
  6. Sounds of nature


Let's take each utility in order. The flashlight is no different from the built-in iOS, so we will not dwell on it. Also on the compass. They are both made in a minimalistic design and look quite good, but they perform their function perfectly at all!


We all know what the level is for, but I can't call myself an avid tourist and I can't say why it might be useful on a sortie. Can you tell me? But he measured my table perfectly, showing a deviation of 3 degrees.


A strobe light may be needed to give an identification signal or to find lost people. Fortunately, the power of the iPhone flashlight is enough to notice it from afar. A shopping list, more precisely, a "checklist", will help you not to forget a single thing when collecting.

IMG_0629 IMG_0628

Sounds of Nature — is perhaps the only utility that carries more of an entertaining character. There are 6 sounds in total: the sounds of crickets, a hooting owl, a howling wolf, a thunderstorm, a horn and applause. It's a stretch to assume that the horn will still be useful. Well, with the rest of the sounds you can brighten up your scary story around the campfire or create an atmosphere at night.


No settings, additional functions and other things. Happy Camping is made very minimalistic, and this is its main advantage. It is unlikely that in the forest you will want to bother with settings and search for the necessary functions. If you agree, then Happy Camping will perfectly serve as a personal assistant to a tourist. Besides, for only $0.99.

Download in appstore
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