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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » 8 key rules of spontaneous sex

8 key rules of spontaneous sex

02 May 2023, 12:51, parser
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1. Choose locations and inspect surfaces

Outside the bed, you should be on your guard. Make sure that the support for sex is not brittle and there is nothing dangerous on it. Assess the risks: contacting sand on the beach or having sex in the woods is not always the best idea.

2. Protect yourself

Carry condoms in your pocket or bag — this will help you snatch them in a second. Surging passion should not cause unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

3. Use a lubricant

Even with strong excitation, natural lubrication does not necessarily appear quickly and in sufficient quantity. The lubricant removes this problem. So it is most convenient to carry a small tube with a convenient hinged lid. The best choice is a colorless lubricant that does not leave traces on clothes.

4. Carry napkins with you

If you often have sex outside the house, then you will learn how to quickly put yourself in order. Sex is liquids and lubricants, spontaneity often involves not completely taking off clothes — it's easy to get dirty. So it's good if there is water or at least wet wipes at hand.

5. Forget about the sex marathon

A synonym for spontaneous sex is speed. This is not an option where the pleasure needs to be stretched and hugged for a long time after. There is no time to look for new erogenous zones of the partner — everything should happen promptly.

6. Follow the laws

Or be prepared to answer before the court. In Russia, for example, there is no separate article devoted to public sex, but they can attract under the article "Petty hooliganism".

It is useful to study the laws of the country you are going to travel to. Not everywhere things are like in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, where it is legally allowed Mexican City of Guadalajara Changes Laws to Allow Sex in Public / NBC Washington have sex on the street if there are no complaints from others. Public sex is punishable not only in the UAE or Thailand. Bans are found in different countries, including European ones. For violating them, you can get a high fine or even a prison sentence.

If you are not aware of the laws of a foreign country, avoid sex in public places.

7. Do not abuse alcohol

Sometimes passion covers when you drink. But if you are very drunk, then sex is unlikely to be enchanting and can even cause problems. Drunk people often forget about contraception, do not care about the feelings of others and have problems with the law.

8. Respect the rights of the people around you

For example, in a fit of passion to close together in an airplane toilet is not the best idea. There are not many booths on board, and to endure when you want to go to the toilet is much more dangerous and harmful than spending some time without sex.

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