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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » Sex between breasts: how to prepare and make it especially hot

Sex between breasts: how to prepare and make it especially hot

03 Jun 2023, 12:01, parser
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Intramammary sex is a sexual act without traditional penetration, in which a man inserts a penis between his partner's breasts. This practice can diversify foreplay or become a substitute for vaginal sex — for example, during menstruation or if a woman gets special pleasure from nipple stimulation. This kind of intimacy is easy to combine with a blowjob. In addition, many men are probably excited by the fantasy of ejaculation on the chest — in erotic videos it is called a "pearl necklace" because of understandable associations.

In general, there are quite a lot of reasons to try sex between breasts. And if you don't like it, you can always switch to oral or vaginal.

How to prepare for sex between breasts

Squeeze your chest

Gently squeeze your breasts with your hands to create a feeling of tightness: in this position you will need to hold them during sex. Do not push too hard, so as not to damage the skin and muscle tissue.

If the size does not allow you to bring the breasts too close, do not worry: the partner can still move between the nipples and the palms pressed against them. In this case, it is better to additionally caress the penis with your hands, lips and tongue — it is due to this that you will provide the bulk of pleasant sensations. However, it's great to connect hands and tongue, regardless of the size of the breast: it's just nice.

Provide lubrication

Be sure to use a lubricant to eliminate skin chafing and irritation. You can take any lubricant (silicone slides best) or prefer an edible option — especially if you plan to combine intramammary sex with a blowjob.

Many sex blogs advise using cream, but we do not recommend it: it sounds more exciting than it looks. The product melts quickly and by the end of sexual intercourse you will become sticky, not slippery. And yes, it's not too hygienic.

What to buy

Don't forget about the foreplay

Before starting sex, a man should caress his partner's breasts with his hands and tongue: the woman will relax, and due to the influx of blood into the desired area, the breast will swell slightly and become a little larger.

Agree on the final

Discuss in advance where the man will ejaculate. A "pearl necklace" can look sexy and spectacular, but not all women like the feeling of sperm on the chest, neck, and if the partner is not too accurate, then on the face.

Stock up on toys and accessories

Sex between breasts is unusual in itself, but even more peppercorn can be added to it. So, you can use a special nipple gel that will create an intriguing tingling sensation, lubricants with a warming or cooling effect.

If you have a vibrator, connect it to the process: the toy will set an additional rhythm. The Fun Factory brand has a Manta male masturbator, which is convenient to additionally stimulate the base of the penis. Any vibration ring can handle the same function.

What to buy

What poses are suitable for sex between breasts

When choosing a position, keep in mind that the girl will have to spend quite a lot of time with her breasts reduced. Firstly, it should be convenient for her, and secondly, it will most likely not work to additionally use the partner's hands.

Man on top

The woman lies on her back, the man sits on top just below her chest and performs frictions. This pose is especially comfortable for girls with large breasts. The partner's hands are free, so do not leave them idle: caress the nipples, stomach or clitoris of the partner.


The man lies on his back, the woman sits on his legs and falls forward — thus his penis is between her nipples. Moving up and down, the partner can caress the penis. It's easy to lose your balance with unaccustomed habits, so you can't do without the support of a partner.

Reverse rider

In this case, the woman is sitting on the partner's chest, turning her back to him. Bending forward, she can reduce her breasts and caress his penis: the man also has access to her labia and anus, which can be stimulated with her hands or tongue.

Ant node

Do not rush to be afraid of the name: in fact, this is a variation of the 69 pose. Assume a familiar position: you are both lying on your side or the man is on top. While a woman is stimulating the penis with her breasts, a man can make her cunnilingus or penetrate her partner with his fingers.

Man on his knees

A comfortable position for owners of low beds. A woman lies on the edge of the bed, a man kneels and makes frictions between her breasts.


The man sits on the edge of the bed, slightly spreading his legs. The woman kneels in front of him. This pose is somewhat reminiscent of the classic position for oral sex and is especially good for girls with small breasts, as it allows you to quickly switch from intramammary sex to blowjob and hand stimulation.

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