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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » Assistant.Accountant — how to keep bookkeeping without pain

Assistant.Accountant — how to keep bookkeeping without pain

09 May 2023, 07:36, parser
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Any person who decides to embark on the path of business faces an avalanche of problems in which he understands nothing. There are ideas, there are first successes, and you are ready to give 24 hours a day to the development of your business, but instead you have to think about how not to be torn apart by the tax service.

How to keep accounting? The choice, in fact, is between a full-time accountant, an incoming accountant and an accounting company. Each option has its pros and cons, but today Lifehacker will tell you about accounting in a new format that incorporates the best of each of the classic models.

Keeping an accountant on staff is good, but expensive. He seems to be always around, but goes on vacation or on sick leave at the most inopportune moments. He needs a workplace and expensive programs that also require money when finalized due to changes in accounting. If he messes up somewhere, you pay for it.

An incoming accountant is cheaper, but contact with him is much less stable. Often he has his own tools to work with. However, he is also sick and resting, and you also transfer corporate information to a third party. You don't know how he disposes of it. He, like a full-time specialist, will never sign up for financial responsibility for his mistakes.

Accounting companies seem to be the best solution in this light. Their services are not as expensive as a full-time accountant. They do not get sick and do not rest. They have everything they need to perform their duties efficiently, including a team of specialist consultants. They take responsibility for their messes. But their activities are hidden from you, as it were, and there is no question of efficiency. They work with your documents and numbers, but you can't quickly access the data you need. Remote access is only for extra money, and to receive a document, act or report, you have to wait and hope that they will not confuse anything, and the delivery will work as it should.

We found an accounting support service called "Assistant.Accountant", which combines the availability of a full-time accountant, low cost and flexibility of payment for an invited specialist, as well as quality, reliability and responsibility for financial risks that only professional accounting companies provide.


"Assistant.Accountants" work in their own automated accounting system, that is, they do not pay for licenses to well-known accounting software suppliers. The exchange of documents takes place only in electronic form, without paying for the services of couriers.


Due to this, the price tag is "Assistant.Accountant" starts from 990 rubles per month. Moreover, this is not some basic tariff without half of the necessary services, but a completely self-sufficient package that can fully cover the needs of an individual entrepreneur and a small company.

The kit includes:

  • preparation of reports for the IFNS
  • preparation of payment orders and receipts for payment of taxes
  • processing 50 documents
  • consultations of an experienced specialist
  • guarantee against penalties
  • access to electronic accounting "Assistant"

The last point here has a special meaning. In fact, the entrepreneur does not just outsource the entire accounting routine, but also retains the ability to get instant access to any account, report or document. That is, as if it is not a remote company, but its own accountant sitting in the next office.


Constant access to the system allows you not only to access your data at any time, but also to conduct accounting together with the Assistant specialists.Accountant". Simply put, if you do not want to overpay for entering data into the system, then you can enter the primary documents yourself.


"Assistant.Accountant" is good because its tariff system is not complicated, does not contain tricky asterisks, and is as transparent as possible. Each additional service, whether it is reporting to the FIU, FSS, employee management and payroll, is offered as a separate option with a clearly marked price tag and discounts when paying for six months or a year.

We are very pleased with the fact that even such highly specialized professional services are confidently evolving into a convenient and accessible service in the format "everything is simple and works", while maintaining full control over accounting from the client.


We hope that after reading this material and registering in the "Assistant.Accountant", the issue of accounting will be solved for you once and for all.

Accounting without pain

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