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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » How to find the G-spot and is it worth doing it at all

How to find the G-spot and is it worth doing it at all

03 May 2023, 16:58, parser
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What is the G-point

The G-spot, or Grefenberg point, is the name of the area on the front wall of the vagina 2-3 cm from the entrance. It's a kind of sexual Grail. It is believed that if you find it, you will be able to achieve a vaginal orgasm.

The point was named after the German gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg, who in 1950 described V. Puppo. The G‑spot does not exist / International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology female ejaculation from the urethra. The specialist suggested that women have some structures similar in structure to the male penis.

But he did not invent any point, the term appeared already in 1981. It was invented by Beverly Whipple, Alice Ladas and John Perry. They described an area "consisting of a complex network of blood vessels, paraurethral glands and ducts, nerve endings and tissue surrounding the neck of the bladder."

Since then, the G-spot has been actively searched for, they write about it D. Mollaioli, A. Sansone, E. Colonnello, E. Limoncin, G. Ciocca, L. Vignozz, E.A. Jannini. Do We Still Believe There Is a G‑spot? / Current Sexual Health Reports articles, it is found in porn and on forums, at trainings and courses, for the sake of increasing it, operations are performed.

Is there a point G

Scientists consider V. Puppo. The G‑spot does not exist / International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology , which is not. All published scientific data deny its existence: as a result of autopsies and instrumental studies, nothing was found that could cause an orgasm. Only one autopsy was documented, which found A. Ostrzenski. G‑spot anatomy: a new discovery / The Journal of Sexual Medicine something similar to the G‑spot of an 83‑year-old woman.

Evgeny Saprykin
Sexologist Mental Health Center.

The myth of the G—spot may originate from the stereotype that it is vaginal sex that is real natural sex, because it is needed for reproduction. And since this is a real kind of sex, then an orgasm should happen in it. But for reproduction, a female orgasm is not required. Hence, other stereotypes grow: the alleged absence of a vaginal orgasm in a woman speaks of the insolvency of a man, or the insolvency of the woman herself, or about problems in sex. And all this could solve finding the G-spot. But isn't it better to get rid of stereotypes?

In general, it is hardly worth looking for the G-spot. It's good if you explore and study yourself — it increases the chances of an orgasm. But hearing about the G-spot is neurotic for both men and women. People experience pressure and frustration if they cannot achieve the "right" vaginal orgasm or deliver it. Therefore, it is better to relax and have fun.

And especially not worth it V. Puppo, I. Gruenwald. Does the G‑spot exist? A review of the current literature / International Urogynecology Journal nothing to "upgrade" in this area. Specialists of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology consider V. Puppo. The G‑spot does not exist / International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology that the enlargement of the point with the help of cosmetic surgery can be considered as a crippling operation. The vagina does not need improvement, and interventions will not increase the chances of orgasm.

Evgeny Saprykin

People have such an attitude that if you have engaged in some kind of sex, then it should be absolutely equally pleasant to both. But in reality there are always differences in preferences, and they need to be accepted. You can not be lazy and do two types of sex at a time: both what a man likes more and what a woman likes more.

Does this mean that there are no particularly sensitive places in the vagina

Doesn't mean. Scientists have found an area in the vagina that is really capable of leading E. A. Jannini, O. Buisson, A. Rubio‑Casillas. Beyond the G‑spot: clitourethrovaginal complex anatomy in female orgasm / Nature Reviews Urology volume a woman to orgasm. This is the so‑called clitoral—urethral complex - a zone in the area of the clitoris and urethra under the front wall of the vagina. There are also sensitive legs of the clitoris and the "female prostate" — Skin glands, or paraurethral glands. They swell Skene’s Gland / Cleveland Clinic  during orgasm, they release lubricant and sometimes even liquid by the type of ejaculation. So an orgasm from vaginal sex is possible if this zone is properly affected.

How to find a particularly sensitive area of the vagina

Try stimulating the front wall of the vagina. Just do not concentrate on the mythical G-spot 2-3 cm from the entrance, but caress the entire area. You can try a vibrator for the G-spot.

If we talk about sex with a partner, then the poses from the categories "woman from above" and "man from behind" are best suited for stimulation.

Evgeny Saprykin

Don't look for the G-spot, just look for places that are pleasant, and that's it. You can give them your own names. Listen to what your partner tells you. And by the way, you should not start looking for different interesting points in the vagina with your fingers during sex without asking. Fingers in the vagina is not always pleasant.

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