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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » 9 rules of sex in a new relationship

9 rules of sex in a new relationship

03 May 2023, 16:53, parser
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Naturally, you still don't know what a new partner likes and which touches are especially exciting. So calm down and use the tips shared by Sex in a New Relationship: How to Make the First Time Less Awkward / LovePanky author of the blog TheLonelySerb Natasha Ivanovich.

1. Take your time

To build a connection with a partner, it is not necessary to immediately switch to sex. Yes, this is an important part of the relationship, but there is no urgent need to deal with it at the very beginning. Sex can strengthen the relationship, but it must also arise through communication and other forms of intimacy.

There is no one true rule that would say when it's time for you to move on to intimacy in a new relationship. Friends can advise one thing, parents — another. Therefore, it is most important to discuss the situation with a partner.

Yes, this is a separate reason for awkwardness, but if you can't talk about sex, should you do it at all? The question may seem old-fashioned, but if you are not comfortable enough with each other to discuss this topic, then it is better to wait with the closeness itself.

2. Discuss how long you are willing to wait

There are different options: wait for a couple of dates, a few months, or even postpone sex until the wedding. You know how it is more convenient for you, but your preferences may differ from your partner's views. So this is another reason to discuss the situation together.

3. Talk about contraception

No one wants to get a dangerous infection or accidentally get pregnant, so be sure to solve this issue before sex. Choose the methods of protection that suit both of you.

4. Tell us what you like

If you do not tell about your tastes, your partner will not know about them. Tell us if you have any fetishes or special preferences. There is nothing strange or shameful about this: everyone is excited by different things. So talk about them.

5. Don't neglect the foreplay

Yes, I want to go straight to penetration, but do not rush. Take time for preliminary caresses: kisses, hugs, oral sex, acquaintance with the partner's body.

If you hurry up, you will miss the opportunity to properly excite yourself and the other person. But sex is especially good when you are both on the same wavelength. Plus, it will also help you understand what your partner likes.

6. Remember that everything can't be crazy from the very beginning

This is a very important point. Even if there is amazing chemistry between you, it's not a guarantee that sex will be good right away. And if you don't talk about what you don't like, then it won't get better. Do not be afraid to admit such things, otherwise the partner may not guess what to do to make it more pleasant for you.

7. Postpone the Kama Sutra until another time

Of course, I want to show my skills, but it's not necessary to do it right away. Save interesting poses for the next time — you will still have time to experiment. And first, bring the basic movements to perfection. Besides, if you try everything, then it will be more difficult to diversify sex.

8. Praise your partner for what you liked

It will take some time until each of you understands what the other likes. Usually at first everyone is shy and leaves the actions of the other person without comment. But this is not a good approach. In order for your partner to understand exactly what you liked, praise him at the right time.

9. Put up with awkward moments

Sex cannot be clean and elegant and go like clockwork. We are all human beings, so various embarrassments are inevitable. Laugh at them and continue.

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