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Prism — we use web applications as desktop

02 May 2023, 11:57, parser
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If someone used to tell me that they read mail through the web interface, then I felt sorry for this person and I immediately turned on the "educational program" and explained that it was not very reasonable to read mail this way. Now that Gmail and Google Calendar class web services have appeared, the boundary between web and desktop applications is no longer visible at all. I present to you a new initiative of the Mozilla Foundation to create software that detaches a web service from the usual browser window and turns it into a hybrid of desktop software and a web service. The software from Mozilla Labs is currently running under Windows in test mode and is called Prism.


In general, Prism is nothing more than an application for creating a shortcut to launch a web application in Firefox in a window devoid of all standard browser elements. So you work with the web service only with its built—in navigation - no address bars, navigation buttons and other unnecessary elements. Although everything here is very flexible (see screenshot):


Here are some examples.

Gmail — despite the long-awaited appearance of IMAP, it is still more convenient to work on a desktop PC with a web interface due to glitches in the current IMAP implementation with Russian in encodings other than UTF-8 and general slowness. It turned out that Gmail's internal navigation is more than enough :)


Google Calendar is a similar situation as in the case of Gmail.


Remember The Milk — this service is used for task management, and with Prism it works better than any software!


And finally about the work of the social network Facebook * with Prism — great!


Be sure to try Prism if you still disdain web services as the main tools for working with mail, chores, calendar, etc.

You can download Prism from the official Mozilla Labs blog.

Instagram Facebook and social networks owned by Meta Platforms Inc. are prohibited from operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.

*Activity of Meta Platforms Inc. and its social networks Facebook and Instagram is prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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