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Productivity secrets that are waiting for you every morning

16 May 2023, 19:01, parser
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Surely you are familiar with the situation when things don't go well in the morning, and then everything falls out of hand all day. It often happens that waking up in the morning, having breakfast, sending children to school or kindergarten, getting ready for work are accompanied by such turmoil, chaos and hassle that you feel squeezed out like a lemon in the morning. Meanwhile, recent scientific research suggests that a few morning hours largely determine the success of your entire subsequent day. Therefore, in this article we will talk about those measures that can make your morning more organized and productive.

Do not think that the day begins with waking up. This is not so, a successful day begins the night before.

1. It is very important to effectively manage the first morning hours. But this needs to be taken care of from the evening.

2. Think about breakfast and worry about the availability of all the products for its preparation.

3. Discuss and distribute responsibilities between the household in advance. Don't waste precious morning minutes figuring out who is cooking breakfast, picking up the kids or walking the dog. This will save you not only time, but also nerve cells.

4. Prepare all the clothes and other necessary things that each family member needs for the next day, so that everyone can just take them and start the day without too much fuss.

5. Be sure to set an alarm clock, because even the most accurate biological clock sometimes fails. And if you wake up hard, then take care of purchasing one of these devices.

6. The last and most important thing is to go to bed on time and make sure that your children do it too. This will not only save you from morning suffering, but also not break the psyche of your child. To calculate the correct bedtime, you can use this calculator.

Good morning! I hope you had a great night's sleep!

1. The first feat you should start with every day is getting up on the alarm clock. Not in five minutes, not when he wakes up your household, but themselves and at the same moment . You set it for exactly this time yesterday and for sure nothing happened overnight that could reverse your decision. If you don't do this, then don't be surprised if your whole day doesn't meet the planned plans.

2. Do all the necessary hygiene procedures without being distracted by extraneous matters. Yes, don't bring your smartphone or tablet with you to quickly check Facebook* and mailbox. Usually this "quickly" results in at least half an hour.

3. Keep track of the time and stick to the schedule that you have outlined the day before. After all, if you can't stick to the plan even when brushing your teeth, then what successful business can we talk about?

4. Try to allocate as much time as possible to work on yourself. Morning exercises, meditation, yoga, running and other useful activities can give you a positive boost for the whole day.

5. Always leave enough time for yourself. Haste and a good appearance are incompatible things, namely, according to your appearance, you will be greeted all day.

6. Never skip breakfast.

Once you are able to curb the chaos of your morning hours, there will be nothing left that can prevent you from being happy and energetic during the day. You will start the day according to the plan you have drawn up and in the same way you will be able to carry out everything planned further. Everyone deserves to feel good and calm, and the secret of this state is precisely at the right beginning of the day.

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