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About Everything Wiki » Relationships » 5 Facts about Dating Apps that Will Be Useful to Those Who are Looking for

5 Facts about Dating Apps that Will Be Useful to Those Who are Looking for

22 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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1. More than 366 million people in the world are registered on dating apps

Experts suggest that by 2027 their number will increase Social Media & User‑Generated Content / Statista up to 440 million. At the same time, 42% of users believe 42% of daters think apps like Tinder and Bumble make it easier to find a long‑term partner / CNBC that apps make it easier to find a couple for a long-term relationship. Only 22% hold the opposite opinion.

2. Russian residents are more likely to look for a partner for life on the Internet

The proportions are different by gender. The number of men who want to meet a couple for a serious relationship on dating apps has grown in 2023 After the announcement of the departure of Tinder, Russians began to get acquainted more often for marriage / HUmope by 17%, and women by 34%. Also, residents of Russia use dating platforms in order to find a travel partner and just for online communication.

3. Photos with filters can alienate a potential couple

The reason is simple — excessive processing introduces On any dating apps? Here’s how to take the perfect profile pics / Metro is misleading and does not make it clear what a person really is. Because of this, it is also better not to add frames taken a year ago or earlier to the profile. To make the experience in dating apps more successful, it is worth adhering to the principles of honesty and relevance. Fresh photos without retouching can increase the number of likes and messages. Plus, on the first date, you don't have to worry about the discrepancy between your appearance on the Internet and in real life.

4. Questionnaires with personal information attract more attention

People who don't just add beautiful photos, but talk about themselves, seem to Authors of original dating profiles rated more attractive, research finds / The Guardian others are more witty and attractive, with a good sense of humor. Therefore, it is better not to limit yourself to simply mentioning that you love pizza and travel — so many people can say. Briefly share, for example, which countries you have already visited and where you dream of going, so that other users will have a clue to start a conversation.

5. About 50% of zoomers went to video sessions

Online meetings with couples have become How Coronavirus Is Changing the Dating Game for the Better / The New York Times popular during self-isolation in 2020. And they got used to it. Now applications with video profiles or the option of video calls are one of the most popular directions Video is fueling the newest group of dating app startups / TechCrunch in Internet dating startups. The advantages of this format over a static picture are obvious — you can evaluate a person's facial expressions and voice even before switching to communication.

If you find this trend interesting, try the new SUNLIGHT Dating app. It uses short videos instead of photos. And there is also the opportunity to exchange circles: this not only diversifies the dialogue, but also allows you to make sure that the profile of a potential couple is real.

In SUNLIGHT Dating everything is intuitive — scroll through the feed, send likes by swiping profiles to the right, and chat in private chats. By the way, all premium features in the app are free: you can swipe without restrictions and see who has already liked your profile.

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