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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to behave during mass riots in order to survive

How to behave during mass riots in order to survive

06 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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Mass riots are illegal actions committed by a large group of people, usually in a spontaneous and unpredictable manner. The crowd smashes everything in its path, sets fires and fights with law enforcement agencies.

During mass riots, people become suggestible and extremely emotional. They can behave cruelly towards the object of hatred and cause harm even to those who have nothing to do with their ideas.

In order not to become a victim of pogroms, try to notice the flaring flames of the conflict in time and get out of the danger zone before the first stone is thrown or the first blood is shed.

How to behave on the street during mass riots

Most often, the occurrence of mass riots can be predicted.

If some changes have recently occurred that have caused public dissatisfaction (for example, an increase in fuel prices or an increase in the retirement age), protests may break out in the city and unauthorized rallies may begin.

So if you realize that there is unrest on the street, or you hear that some actions are planned, stay at home or at least stay away from public places.

Avoid crowds

Unauthorized rally becomes Safe behavior in the city / EMERCOM of Russia an extreme situation even before it starts. Therefore, if you see a crowd gathering in the city, do not seek to join.

To satisfy your curiosity, ask passers-by or check the news feeds, but keep at a distance all the time in order to have time to go to a safe place at the beginning of active actions.

If you happen to be in a crowd of protesters, try to get out of it before the masses start moving. So that dense rows of people do not become an obstacle, try to use psychosocial techniques — to portray a drunk or pretend that you are sick.

Maybe this will help you get out. If the crowd is already in motion, do not try to go against it.

Behave correctly in a crowd

If you are caught in the epicenter of events with your loved ones, try to stay together — lock elbows so that you don't get pulled apart in different directions. Take the children in your arms.

If you are carried by a dense stream of people, observe How to behave when panicking in a crowd during a terrorist act / National Anti-Terrorist Committee the following rules:

  1. Dodge all stationary objects on the way, otherwise you may be crushed. Avoid walls, partitions and nets, to which you can be pressed by the crowd.
  2. Do not try to cling to stationary objects with your hands, so as not to get injured.
  3. Button up your clothes, get rid of high heels, scarves and bags with a long belt. If you get caught on something or fall, you can get injured.
  4. If something is dropped, do not try to pick it up. You can be knocked down and trampled.
  5. In a dense crowd , when you are squeezed from all sides, clasp your hands in front of your chest and place your elbows to the sides.
  6. If you fall, protect your head with your hands and try your best to get to your feet. Get down on one knee, put your foot on the ground and straighten up with a sharp movement.

Move in the flow, but try to separate yourself from the crowd whenever possible, for example, turn into an alley.

Go to a safe place

When you manage to get out of the crowd, get off the streets. Try to avoid the main avenues and squares — most often clashes with the police occur in such places.

Get home through not particularly busy streets, avoid contact with aggressive citizens. People in such a situation are capable of terrible cruelty, and until the atmosphere of madness subsides, it is useless to appeal to common sense.

Also, during mass riots, stay away from the police and intelligence officers. You may be mistaken for a participant in illegal actions and detained.

If this happens, do not try to fight back, scream or run away: so you will provoke the police to use force. Also, on the spot, it makes no sense to argue and prove that you were just passing by.

Do not panic if riot control measures are used

When dispersing demonstrations, the police may use chemicals that are sprayed in the air and cause irritation and pain in the eyes, mucous membranes and skin. If inhaled, such particles may Chemical means of suppressing mass riots / MSD Handbook start coughing, sneezing or wheezing. However, serious lung damage is possible only when exposed to a large amount of the substance indoors. As a rule, the negative effects go away by themselves within half an hour. Remember this and do not give in to panic.

Cover Safe behavior in the city / EMERCOM of Russia mouth and nose with a handkerchief or any other cloth soaked in liquid. Blink more often to protect your eyes. Leave the dangerous place as soon as possible, and wash your clothes at home, take a shower and wash with clean water or saline.

If blisters appear on the skin, discomfort persists in the eyes or respiratory failure occurs, consult a doctor.

How to prepare for going outside

If riots have started on the street, it is best to stay at home until they end. But if you absolutely need to get out, do everything to protect yourself:

  1. Regardless of the weather, choose clothes that cover most of the skin, as well as comfortable shoes with thick soles.
  2. Try not to wear things that, in low light, can be mistaken for a police uniform. Also, you should not choose black hoodies with a hood — the police associate them with the clothes of rioters.
  3. Remove the contact lenses. When chemicals are used to disperse the crowd, they can cause severe pain. Glasses, on the contrary, will protect the eyes. Hermetic models, for example, designed for swimming, cope especially well with this function.
  4. Grab a respirator or a mask for respiratory protection. If there is nothing like this at home, a wet scarf or bandana will do.
  5. If possible, take two phones. Keep one in your pocket, put the other in your backpack.
  6. Have an identity card with you.
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