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About Everything Wiki » Relationships » 7 Reasons why Men Need Feminism Too

7 Reasons why Men Need Feminism Too

09 Jun 2023, 00:00, parser
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1. You will not die at 55 from a heart attack in the workplace

The life expectancy of men in Russia (and not only) is less 1. Life expectancy at birth / Federal State Statistics Service
2. W. H. Courtenay. Constructions of masculinity and their influence on men’s well-being: A theory of gender and health / Social Science and Medicine
than women, and the most common reason is Rosstat named the main cause of death of men of working age / RBC deaths are cardiovascular diseases.

It would seem, what does feminism have to do with it? And there is a connection.

While children are taught from birth that work is not a woman's business, and the boy must feed the whole family, working hard from morning to night, there is no choice. The girls go to wash the dishes, the guys go to plow.

It's only getting worse. Girls don't have to learn math and physics, because "they're girls." It's enough for girls to work part-time as a consultant in a store, "she still has to give birth." Girls are not allowed to study complex areas, they "won't be able to" (especially after they were forbidden to study and gain experience). Women cannot be leaders, the boss is a man.

As a result, men have to work very hard. And for myself, and for the woman. There is no time left to take care of your health. In addition, men live in constant tension to meet the "gold standard" of male behavior, and this increases K. Hunt, H. Lewars, et al. Decreased risk of death from coronary heart disease amongst men with higher “femininity” scores: A general population cohort study / International Journal of Epidemiology chance to die of a heart attack.

Women will cope, seriously. And they will unload you, men, great.

Stop telling yourself and others that women have no abilities, and you will notice that it will become easier. Let others work and live longer.

2. She won't break your car

Firstly, because she will have her own. If women are paid as much for the same job as men, they will buy a vehicle for themselves and will scratch it already.

Secondly, because you can't drive badly. And no excuses in the spirit: "I'm a girl, I can." No, driving — so driving. It is necessary to study according to the same standards, despite the nonsense about the inability to drive a car.

Thirdly, because no type will decide to teach a lesson to a "woman at the wheel" and will not create an emergency situation on purpose.

But this, of course, is only somewhere in the future of victorious feminism.

3. You will have sex

Normal healthy sex without the game "Guess if she agrees", without the need to buy sex with gifts and mandatory exits to restaurants. You will have sex because you will meet an interesting woman and will like each other.

About how sex was a currency, we have already written . For those who haven't read it yet, let's say briefly: relatively recently, and not a hundred years have passed, sex inevitably led to the birth of a child. Since then, there has been an attitude towards intimacy as a forbidden fruit that is not available to everyone. And a woman who risked her health and financial situation because of pregnancy could not admit that she loves sex and enjoys it. After all, the pleasure is short—lived, and the child is forever.

Times have changed, but attitudes to sex have not. Women just can't love men yet.

A woman needs to make a man get attention, get confirmation of his solvency, and then behave in such a way that no one will ever guess that you love sex. Otherwise, they will be called a whore and will be publicly censured (I'm not just talking about grandmothers at the entrance now). At the same time, it does not matter how many partners there were, the main thing is to keep a high price for sex.

Maybe it's time for both sexes to relax? Give a woman the right to control her life and you will see how the relationship will become easier.

4. You don't have to get married

This plus directly follows from the previous one.

Feminism is fighting for a woman to become independent both economically and socially. When you can get money at work (and not from your husband), and every first one does not ask when you will get married, then the registry office already does not really pull . Unless with a person with whom you really want to live together happily ever after, have children and so on. And not with the first attracted gentleman, because "the clock ticked."

For men, this means that there is no hunting for their passports and marital status, you can choose a life partner at a calm and comfortable pace.

It cannot be said that all women still strive to get married at any cost, but it is also stupid to deny the phenomenon.

5. You will have more friends

If you do not perceive a woman only as a sexual object (this is called objectification, and feminism is at war with her), then you will be able to be friends with her.

Just to be friends, honestly. Discuss life events, share events and experiences, ask for advice on those issues where the girl is a specialist. Go to football, hang out at the bar, watch movies, have fun at parties, borrow up to paycheck, spend the night when the house is being renovated. And everything.

Friendship between a man and a woman happens, and it's great. Suddenly, it is among women that you will find a kindred spirit, and no one will ask when you will sleep .

6. You can work with anyone

Even a teacher of Russian language and literature or a nurse. No one will tell you that these are women's professions in which real men have no place. Feminism presupposes equal rights and responsibilities without contempt for gender. Work whoever you want, no questions asked.

7. You don't have to be a cool macho

A man, as you know, must be smelly, rude and unwashed. But be sure to be a rich boss at the same time, otherwise what kind of man is he.

These stereotypes are imposed from childhood, because boys do not cry , even if their beloved puppy is sick, and they are not afraid of anything (except that a dentist is a little bit possible). Offensive nicknames are distributed for non-compliance with the ideal, and this is even if you are lucky. They can beat you, because a "real man" should be able to fight C. Lee, R. G. Owens. Issues for a psychology of men’s health / Journal of Health Psychology. .

Then this pattern is transferred into adulthood, you have to tear the veins. Well, if you don't want to, get kicked in the gut by your fellow men, who will remind you that you lost in the race for survival.

Gender stereotypes, which feminists dream of crushing, harm men no less than women. Needless to say, chasing other people's attitudes, men earn neuroses and complexes that they can't even talk about? After all, a man should always be healthy and solve his problems without outside help.

The modern world is much more diverse than the traditional one. The old roles are no longer dogma. We are lucky to live in an era of change. It's time to make the world a little better. For both women and men.

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