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About Everything Wiki » Relationships » Three Ways to end a Relationship using the Internet

Three Ways to end a Relationship using the Internet

03 May 2023, 18:48, parser
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Until recently, everyone wrote about Valentine's Day, sent each other hearts and wished for love. However, the holiday is over, and in general, it lasts for one day. The harsh truth of everyday life is that people don't always smile and give flowers. And sometimes they say unpleasant things. For example, they want to stop communicating or having a relationship with another person. How to do it with minimal time and effort?

We offer several ways to solve the problem of separation using the Internet. True, in the cult TV series "Sex and the City", not personal communication during a breakup, but a note on a sticker was considered a terrible move, but then there were no social networks and other online communication tools.

A message about the termination of a relationship can lead to another problem – the culprit of the breakup may be bombarded with questions via email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook*, MySpace, etc. This can cause an aggressive reaction and lead to even more problems as a result. Therefore, think carefully and prepare for this important step.

So, if you decide to inform your counterpart about the termination of any relationship, there are three ways to do this.

1. Email

Admittedly, this is by no means the easiest way to end a relationship, since you are not able to anticipate the reaction of your interlocutor. However, a properly constructed letter will allow you to part with minimal expenditure of mental strength.

Tell us in the email about what was good in your relationship, then explain why this relationship is no longer so interesting for you. It is not necessary to emphasize your partner's mistakes or tell what annoyed you about him. However, do not be hopeful, hinting that a continuation is possible.

Choose the right time to send a letter – it is better to send an email when a person can read it without much haste.

2. Internet messengers / Chat

And in this case, the choice of the moment is important – it is better to talk when no one interferes. You need to prepare for the conversation properly. In fact, a synchronous conversation in a messenger is the same letter. Only in this case you need to be especially polite, because there is no guarantee that the partner will not slip into insults and accusations.

3. Voice chat / phone

This method is also not the best, because during voice communication you can be interrupted, accused and even threatened. You need to tune in to politeness combined with determination, a calm and confident tone.

Be prepared for an avalanche of questions. Answer briefly and clearly. And don't forget to ask not to be contacted again in the future. However, be also prepared for the fact that you will have to change your contact details.

If you finally decide to put an end to communication with a person, do not delay, but do it. Action is always better than a long wait.

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