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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » How to make Skype telephony as convenient as classical telephony?

How to make Skype telephony as convenient as classical telephony?

02 May 2023, 10:38, parser
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skype_logo.pngThe advantages that the Skype IP telephony program gives the user allowed this program to be mega-popular. The quality of voice when communicating, even through a stable dialup channel, is much higher than the quality that you have the misfortune to contemplate in GSM networks.

The only inconvenience, until recently, that I experienced using Skype — attachment to the computer. Below I will look at several ways to make working with Skype as simple as using a regular mobile phone. I will undertake the separation of methods according to the accessory belonging to a certain class.

Bluetooth headset

Yes, you can talk on Skype using a regular bluetooth headset, if your computer is equipped with such an adapter, which also needs to support such inclusions.

Disadvantages: you still make all calls from a computer, but you speak in a ten-meter radius zone from it.

Symbian smartphone

On my Nokia E61, I use the Fring program to communicate by voice in Skype and Google Talk networks. You can read about how to configure all this in a wonderful blog . As for the data transmission channel for normal communication, it is best to use Wi-Fi, which is supported by this and other Nokia phones. I conducted tests on data transmission channels in the GSM network of the operator Life;), in particular, the EDGE+ channel was raised, as well as GPRS. It was difficult to call communication on them comfortable, and cheap, too. It is best at home /in the office to deploy «wiring-free » and you will be happy.


Disadvantages: I would still like to wait for the native solution from Skype, whose tests are being conducted in a very secret mode at the moment. Wi-Fi with active transmission is merciless to the battery.

Windows Mobile: Smartphone, communicator and PDA

This platform seems to have been specially created for Skype, provided that your device supports a connection to Wi-Fi networks. Native software can be downloaded from the official Skype website. Again, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with the Internet channel switched on for transmission. Also note that if there are no questions with a smartphone and a communicator «how to talk », then in the case of a PDA, look where you have «where to listen », and where « where to talk ». I have seen models in which «listening » and «talking» were at a distance of half a centimeter :(. In the case of an unsuccessful arrangement of conversational paths, consider using headsets — wired and wireless.


Disadvantages: Wi-Fi during active transmission is merciless to the battery, and in Windows Mobile it runs out especially quickly.


Skype phones, with all their diversity, are divided into two main groups — independent and not independent :)

  • independent — these are the ones that can work independently in any open Wi-Fi network and do not require anything for their work. At the moment, quite expensive devices, but their work is mostly impeccable.
  • are not independent— they work through a PC to which a USB dongle is connected. A completely useless solution in my humble opinion.

s2main.jpgBoth types can also have combined solutions with classic DECT phones. There are models that support SIP telephony.

Disadvantages: The price is quite high for today. For this money, you can easily buy a smartphone, on which you can put Skype or its substitute. Also, few Skype phones work normally with Cyrillic.

Enjoy your communication!

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