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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » Personal experience: how the Lifehacker team tested the CoPilot neural network from Bitrix24

Personal experience: how the Lifehacker team tested the CoPilot neural network from Bitrix24

25 Jan 2024, 12:01, parser
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In November, Bitrix24 introduced a business assistant CoPilot. This is a neural network that is natively embedded in the most popular scenarios of interaction with the service: news feed, tasks, chats, websites, CRM. You won't need any additional applications or settings to use it. Working with CoPilot is intuitive. Even if you have no experience with artificial intelligence, you will definitely be able to figure it out. These are the tasks it will help you to cope with.

To deliver a clear and understandable TOR to the team

This feature will especially please team leaders, project managers and other managers whose routine is related to setting tasks. You can draft a draft with key questions or just say a voice message — then CoPilot will take over the work. He will add important details that will fully reveal the essence of the task to the performer, prescribe polite addresses like "Dear colleagues" at the beginning or "Thank you" at the end. If necessary, he will issue checklists with which it will be easier for subordinates to complete the task according to the already prepared steps. In fact, you get a personal secretary who doesn't miss deadlines and never makes annoying typos.

Ira Novikova
Sales Manager

I needed to prepare project ideas for one of our clients, and I decided to test the "Continue task description" function. For the purity of the experiment, I entered only the title, without a brief and any explanatory details. CoPilot coped more than adequately: he painted the task only one sentence at a time, divided the text into short and readable paragraphs, and numbered it. Of course, it will still have to be modified to suit our specifics, but the neural network saved me a lot of time.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker

CoPilot's work is not limited to this. When comments, questions from employees or reports on completed work appear in the task, and there is no time to delve into this flow of information, the smart assistant will re-read everything for you and make a brief squeeze. And in the comments, he can clarify controversial points, praise or reasonably criticize the performer. You will no longer have to be distracted by the shaft of notifications.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker
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Fill out the card in the CRM

Efficiency in working with clients is one of the important elements of sales success. The clearer the system processes transactions, the faster and more smoothly the process will move — customers will be satisfied, and the team will not run out of steam.

A smart assistant CoPilot is able to take over part of the monotonous routine of a sales manager. He will easily translate the conversation recording into text and make a summary. And he will fill in the necessary fields in the CRM himself.

Masha Rebrova
Sales Manager

After meetings with colleagues, as a rule, new tasks appear that need to be put into operation as soon as possible. For example, this week we discussed which customers can be offered holiday selections. It takes too long to listen to recordings and transfer them manually. I tested the conversation summary function, and at the same time asked CoPilot to fill out a card for a future deal in CRM. Later, when we launch the presentation newsletter, I will update it, enter the client's details and the amount.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker

Communicate with colleagues

Bitrix24 has a cool tool for public communication in the team. The news feed works like a familiar social network, only for work issues. Here you can quickly tell employees about the company's achievements, publish a survey, or wish a colleague a happy birthday. CoPilot in the hint format is always in the post editing menu and is ready to help with creative ideas, highlight the main thing from a huge message, translate a foreign text or run through the wording instead of a proofreader.

Tonya Rubtsova
Chief Editor

My day consists almost entirely of team management, communications and working with texts. For example, in the morning I had to request some data from the team. There was a call in parallel, so there was no time to read the text of the message. I just put the draft in the "Messages" tab, and the CoPilot neural network has already put it in order: I corrected typos, punctuated and made a neat to-do list.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker

CoPilot can also be useful in the comments. If you need to write a thank‑you note, comment on the topic of the post, or criticize some decision of the management, artificial intelligence will do it for you.

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Make a squeeze out of a long message

A five—page brief, a voluminous contract with a new client, an emotional letter with edits from a complex customer ‑ if you don't have time to read into the details or want to save energy on something more pleasant, just ask CoPilot to highlight the main thing from the text.

Alina Begiashvili
Project Manager

Now new project tasks are coming at such a rate that I just don't have enough time to read through the huge descriptions. However, many of them are urgent and require immediate solutions. To prioritize tasks, I asked the neural network to highlight the main thing in one of the voluminous tasks. CoPilot did well. The text has become clear, structured, and, most importantly, short. I think such a feature would be useful to anyone who works with mailings and generally conducts fairly dense communication with clients or within the team.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker
Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker

Come up with an idea, generate a picture or write any text

The beauty of the smart assistant from Bitrix24 is that it is easy to use it without leaving the service — no additional applications or settings are required. In the chat, you can chat with CoPilot as with an experienced mentor: tweak creatives, proofread the text of an article or find an answer to a difficult work question. And also — to make a picture for a corporate channel, without bothering designers with a hundredth edit of a Christmas tree from photo stocks.

Almaz Zagrutdinov
Special Projects Editor

It happens that we have to write several materials on similar topics in the spirit of "How to choose birthday gifts". And deadlines don't care that your creative resource is already running out. I've used neural networks from time to time before. Yes, they are far from perfect, but they greatly ease the torments of the "white leaf". CoPilot helped me too. You just ask your question in a chat with him and get ideas for an article. Of course, they need to be screwed up and brought under the red policy of the Lifehacker, but it still greatly reduces the work time.

Image: "Bitrix24"/ Lifehacker

Another area in which CoPilot's skills will be useful is the search for new employees. Just enter the desired query, and the neural network will compile the fish ads. All that remains for you is to saturate the text with the necessary nuances and prepare to receive feedback.

Katya Mironycheva
Sales Director

We are regularly looking for new employees. And honestly, there is not always time to write a text for a vacancy. I asked CoPilot to do it for me. The text turned out to be general, but as a base it is quite suitable. It remains to add a few details related to our specifics to this invoice, and you can publish it. I liked that the assistant guessed to include two years of work experience in the list of requirements — this is important for us.

Image: "Bitrix24" / Lifehacker
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