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About Everything Wiki » DIY » How to hang a garland on the window and wall beautifully

How to hang a garland on the window and wall beautifully

10 Jun 2023, 12:06, parser
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What to attach the garland to

The main problem is to choose fasteners that will not leave traces on the surface.

Ordinary adhesive tape should not be glued to the wallpaper, because it will come off with them. It is better to use a double-sided foam.

The usual one is also suitable for windows, although it can leave a sticky layer that will be difficult to peel off. And if the garland is heavy, the tape may not stand and come off.

Frame: Stroyhak / YouTube

A good option for attaching garlands on wallpaper is stationery pins. Traces of them will not be noticeable.

And if it's still not so important to you, you can drive very small, thin nails into the wall. Especially if you plan to hang a garland in the same place in the following years.

For windows, hooks on suction cups are suitable. They will not leave traces, but they will stand out quite strongly against the background of glass.

A universal tool is special clips for attaching garlands. They can be found in large hardware stores. Usually they are transparent and can be easily removed from both walls and windows.

Frame: Stroyhak / YouTube

How to hang a garland

In this matter, everything depends on your imagination. And also from the length of the garland. You don't have to create a specific drawing. For example, like this:

But there are more interesting options.

How to make a luminous curtain

The easiest way is to hang a finished structure with long perpendicular wires with light bulbs or a garland—grid. They can be attached to both the wall and the window.

But a similar curtain can be made from an ordinary long garland. Hang it with a snake, attaching it to the surface from above and — if desired — from below.

Video: Emmy Rosam Vlogs / YouTube

From above, you can cover the curtain with transparent tulle. This will give an even more magical atmosphere.

How to make a Christmas tree from a garland

To form a Christmas tree, hang a garland in a zigzag. On the wall, you can decorate it with balls or tinsel.

Footage: Videographer Alexander Ivanov / YouTube

Here are some ideas of beautiful Christmas trees:

On the window, you can also "draw " the outline of a tree with a garland. It is better not to add heavy Christmas decorations, but tinsel will do.

How to hang a garland with photos

Photos are easy to attach to the garland by placing it horizontally. So you will decorate the room , and refresh your memory with warm memories. Of course, it's easier to look at the pictures if the garland is hanging on the wall.

To attach photos, it is convenient to use some decorative clothespins or even the most ordinary ones. The latter can be painted and pasted with beautiful paper.

Video: Cynthia / YouTube

Or hang photos on paper clips, connecting two pieces for convenience.

Video: Tatiana Orlova / YouTube

This decor looks very nice and cozy.

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