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About Everything Wiki » News » Photos of the iPad 5 show everything long before Apple's presentation

Photos of the iPad 5 show everything long before Apple's presentation

02 May 2023, 06:42, parser
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iPad 5 photos show everything long before Apple's presentation

According to reliable sources, Apple will hold its event on October 22, but to find out what the fifth generation of iPad tablets will look like, you do not need to wait for their official presentation.

This year, it's a sin to complain about the lack of information leaks about new iPads, and the next series of photos, which most likely capture the details of the iPad 5, make it possible to carefully consider how the silver and "milky gray" iPad 5 will look, inside and out.

It is completely impossible to be sure that these details are directly from Apple factories, but Sonny Dixon distinguished himself by publishing several series of iPhone 5s pictures long before the new Apple smartphone was officially presented, so there is every reason to believe in the authenticity of the new photo gallery. As you can see in these frames, the future fifth-generation iPad will be very similar to the iPad mini. The front and back panels are clearly visible, as well as some connectors, but there are still no photos of the new product display, the motherboard with a processor or Touch ID sensor, which may well appear in the iPad 5.

iPad 5, view front
Perhaps this is how the two color variations of the iPad will look, the presentation of which will take place on October 22.

This image best shows the new screen technology, which analysts predict will allow Apple to make the iPad thinner. The touch sensor built into the glass of the screen will also "cut off" even more thickness.

iPad 5, front glass
iPad 5 front glass with already built-in touch sensor.

The bottom end is very similar to that of the iPad mini. However, if you believe the photos, the iPad 5 will have stereo speakers and a Lightning connector here. A distinctive feature of the design of the new tablet will also be the polished end chamfer, which first appeared in the iPhone 5.

iPad 5, view bottom
The new look of the iPad 5.

Many are looking forward to the release of the iPad 5, including because since the release of the second generation in 2011, the iPad will undergo visual changes for the first time. Such a long period of "stagnation" allowed accessory manufacturers to release a solid selection of cases, cases, stands and other nishtyaks that work equally well with iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 (or at least with the last two generations). But with the release of the iPad 5, you will have to produce and buy new accessories — especially the owners of the iPad 2 and 3, equipped with a 30-pin dock connector.


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