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About Everything Wiki » Health » How to tie shoelaces so that the foot does not hurt: 4 options

How to tie shoelaces so that the foot does not hurt: 4 options

02 May 2023, 07:26, parser
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Our shoes are sewn for the average foot, but we know that each person is individual, and it's not at all a fact that your feet tend to this very average value. Moreover, each country has its own standard, which is based on the size of its citizens.

Someone wears shoes made exclusively to order clearly according to the parameters of his foot. But such a pleasure is quite expensive and not available to everyone. In addition, sometimes I really like some certain shoes, and it's a pity to throw them away just because they squeeze or rub a little, very, very sorry.

There are several options for lacing, which allows you to remove pain or discomfort in different parts of the foot. This will be especially useful if you are on a hike or far from home, and you need to walk a pretty decent distance to the nearest highway.

So, four problems — four lacing options!


The upper part of the foot hurts

Problem. Shoes rub the upper part of your foot and eventually a chafing is formed, up to blisters. This problem occurs mainly in people with a high elevation of the foot.

How to fix it? Skip «one lacing » in the part of the leg where it rubs the most.

Shoes too tight

Problem. Your fingers have little space and you constantly feel discomfort.

How to fix it? Double shoelaces. Take two pairs of laces and leave the place closer to your sock unlaced. Start lacing from the bottom, then leave some space without laces and then lace up the second pair of laces to the very top. Experiment a little until you are completely sure that you have found the best option.

The upper surface of the foot hurts

Problem. Shoes are too tight across the entire upper surface of the foot.

How to fix it? Parallel lacing. Lace not with the usual «cross-on-cross », but with parallel lacing.

Too loose in the heels

Problem. There is too much space for your heels and when walking they rise up and down separately from the shoes.

How to fix it? Make loops for the heels. Each shoe is laced as standard, but leave the last two upper holes in order to make loops. Thread the lace first up, then down, but do not tighten. Leave a small loop, into which then thread the upper free end of the lace. Do the same on the second side. Now you can tighten the loops and tie the laces.

I tried all four methods and the last one, to be honest, seemed a little strange to me. But maybe it's because I don't have shoes that dangle on my heels?

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