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About Everything Wiki » News » Not thought through: the Network showed 16 examples of unsuccessful logos

Not thought through: the Network showed 16 examples of unsuccessful logos

29 May 2023, 13:54, parser
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Reddit users have shared strange images with strange and ambiguous logos that they have encountered. The selection includes both really funny options and rather creepy ones that scare off potential customers.

1. Let's start with a simple one — it's just the logo of a handball club.

tarandfeathers / Reddit

2. And it's easy to distinguish fake Nike Air Jordan sneakers by such a logo.

Hunchmine / Reddit

3. The inverted iSmart logo reads like Jews.

TinaTeaspoon / Reddit

4. It is better not to turn over this logo of the children's hospital.

bb_or_not_bb / Reddit

5. Logo of the business center. It would also be suitable to designate a toilet.

bernardo15 / Reddit

6. Logo of a Filipino cafe with burgers and milkshakes. It depicts a large straw inserted into a cup, the owner of the establishment explained.

1aappyy / Reddit

7. The logo is an image of a Czech sausage company.

RadyoP / Reddit

8. Not the best branding for a fitness center. It was probably supposed to be read as FitForever, but it turned out to be FatForever (fat forever).

Dingwallace / Reddit

9. The logo of the Turkish brand of water.

sercan35 / Reddit

10. Jupiter store with the Moon on the logo. Why not.

GaraMind / Reddit

11. An unfortunate logo for a doctor's office. It does not motivate you to visit at all.

tlvrtm / Reddit

12. And this is just the logo of a dental clinic.

krukemeyer / Reddit

13. Creepy logo for plastic surgery.

Phedericus / Reddit

14. There are absolutely no comments here.

refeer / Reddit

15. And then someone seemed to make fun of him by making such a logo for a cafe.

1morepic_really / Reddit

16. And finally CanalBank.

calumstevenson7 / Reddit

Have you met strange and ambiguous logos? Share it in the comments.

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