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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » 4 ways to deal with a bad mood

4 ways to deal with a bad mood

05 May 2023, 14:02, parser
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bad mood
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If everything is bad for you, don't worry, it will pass soon. If you're doing well, don't worry, it'll pass soon too.
John A Simone

It happens that from the very morning you are in a bad mood. It's so bad that you can't do anything, everything just falls out of your hands, and you don't want to talk to anyone. The author of this article has found 5 ways to help cope with a disgusting mood.

1. Need to think

When you feel broken, tired, sad, unable to do work, when everything is getting worse every hour and nothing pleases you, at this moment it is worth thinking and answering yourself such questions:

1. What upset me and will it be so important to me in 5 years?

2. Does anyone else besides me care about the current situation?

3. Can I understand something from this situation?

4. Can I benefit from this situation in any way?

5. What is the smallest step I can take to change the current situation?

2. We use sports in the fight against bad mood

After reflection and introspection, it is worth doing some kind of sports. Even if your thoughts did not lead to anything good, and obsessive dreary thoughts continue to overwhelm you, then classes will relieve internal tension, you will feel more energetic and fit, your mood will improve.

3. Accept and accept a bad mood

When we have negative thoughts and feelings, then naturally we try to get rid of them. We are looking for various methods of stress relief, trying not to think about the bad, chasing these thoughts away from ourselves. All our efforts are aimed at fighting a bad mood. If you have already tried to apply the first and second points, but sad thoughts are still spinning in your head, then perhaps you should try to accept them?

Well, yes, a disgusting mood, well now, stop wasting your energy fighting it, you only strengthen your negative emotions with it. After you have really come to terms with these thoughts, they can suddenly suddenly let you go, at some point you will feel that you are already better, and everything is not so dull.

4. Be grateful for this bad day

Of course, there are absolutely terrible days when you are very emotionally exhausted and you just don't understand how you can be grateful for such a day.

But on the other hand, when the passions are a little more relaxed, you will realize that your suffering was something like a gift. When you have been through a lot, you become a more compassionate and understanding person.

In addition, when the situation changes for the better (and it will certainly happen), your joy will become as boundless as sadness was before.

Plus, those days when you don't have any motivation to do anything allow you to look at things in a new way. You think a lot, and maybe this bad day will be one of the most creative for you.

And remember that only true perfectionists can try to make sure that they have a great mood every day. In fact, life is a complicated thing, and there are not always reasons for a bad mood. Maybe you just got up from the wrong foot today? Then tomorrow get up for both at once, and the day will definitely get better!

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