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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » The method of slogans for the formation of their own value system

The method of slogans for the formation of their own value system

04 May 2023, 10:16, parser
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A person's value system is the same set of landmarks as a ship's guiding stars. When something changes in life (for example, graduated from college), it is necessary to shift the course. If there are no landmarks, then both a person and a ship, oh, how difficult it is to plot a new course. And when you always have them in front of your face… However, I have already written about this.

Before reading the entire article, write down five to ten slogans or short statements that motivate you to take certain actions. This will help you realize your own value system, and not copy someone else's.

The method of slogans is very simple in itself. We take the slogans and try to reason out why you need to perform the action that the slogan pushes you to. I will try to demonstrate the method by my own example.

Set many goals

It just so happens that I always have some unfulfilled items on my to-do list. Not because I don't want to do them, but because I just don't have time to do everything. And, in principle, I do not strive for this. I like it when I have the freedom of choice: what to do and in what order… I think the example is clear. The first value found is freedom.

Live consciously

Very often I ask myself questions about what is happening to me and why. For example, the question: "What am I actually doing now?" very often helps to stop suffering from bullshit and get busy. It is important for me to understand why I behave one way or another... Understanding. Understanding is not between people, but my understanding of myself and everything around me.

Compete only with yourself

It just so happens that I don't like competition. I really don't like envy and dirty methods, which very often go side by side in competition. And it doesn't matter in what sphere it happens: in business, sports or personal life. Development is lost from this… Development or self-development, as you like.

Be happy

I am always surprised by such things as self-sacrifice, and at the expense of my happiness. I always ask such people the question: "How will you make your loved ones happy if you are unhappy yourself?"... Close.

To do only one thing at a time and to the end

Do you like the hustle and bustle? When they are trying to do several things at once in a hurry. As a rule, there is no sense from this. The same result can be achieved with less effort… Performance.

When you sort out your slogans, pay attention to such moments in your reasoning:

  • What do you like?
  • What gives pleasure?
  • What is important or significant for you?
  • What are you afraid of losing?
  • The absence of what annoys you?
  • What will this action give you?

This is the end of the soulful striptease. I hope it will encourage you to formulate your value system.

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