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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » Sonora — an alternative to the fat iTunes for Mac

Sonora — an alternative to the fat iTunes for Mac

03 May 2023, 06:02, parser
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We say iTunes, we mean "behemoth". There is no more ridiculous program for any operating system. Just think about the set of iTunes functions today: playing movies and music, buying apps for mobile devices, downloading podcasts, buying ringtones and books, listening to radio, educational programs, Ping social network, legalizing iTunes Match music, playlists and managing all mobile devices! And that's only half, probably.

There is a need for a simple program that would only play music and easily help users make playlists. And then Sonora appears...
Sonora — alternative to fat iTunes for Mac

Playing music

At the first start, Sonora will prompt you to add the iTunes library. She processed my library of 3000+ compositions in five minutes.
how to use Sonora
Then you can start listening. To do this, you can either make a playlist, or drag several songs or albums into the header of the program — you will get a visual playlist!

Sonora program overview

Music Management

As soon as you launch Sonora, it will intercept music control from an external keyboard or laptop keyboard. Everything will be the way you are used to with iTunes. Sonora also has a global music search that can be called without being in the program itself. In the settings, specify the keyboard shortcut you need and add tracks to the queue with one click!

how to manage a playlist in sonora


The program is almost ideal for listening to music while working at a computer. But it also has disadvantages. The first and most important thing is that she does not understand Russian—language tags, and this is really a disaster if you listen to domestic. Moreover, some compositions are shown normally, some are not.

problems using sonora

The player is also paid and costs $9.99, but there is a demo version.

Sonora | App Store $9,99 | Free Demo

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