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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » Learning foreign words, part 2

Learning foreign words, part 2

04 May 2023, 10:16, parser
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In the last article we talked about Word Cards — a tedious way of cramming foreign words that came to us from the dense past. However, we are modern people, and therefore we need the same methods. Today we will tell you about a new way to replenish vocabulary.

Sing with me!

Unlike word cards, which taught us to simply memorize words in a simple mechanical way in isolation from their pronunciation, the "Sing with me" method works completely differently. Words are remembered through their mental and oral pronunciation.

All we need is a few of your favorite songs. First we need to find the words to them. To do this, you can use Google, in which you need to assign lyrics after the name of the song (lyrics in English means "lyrics).

After the text is found, we will need to carefully read it several times, highlighting all the words unfamiliar to us. The meanings of these words need to be found in the dictionary. When all the words of the song become clear, just start the music and read the lyrics together with the performer.

After a couple of auditions, you will notice an amazing thing — what used to seem like a simple set of sounds, in fact — ordinary English words and phrases. Moreover, you now understand what is sung in your favorite song! Miracles, that's all! Two or three disassembled songs and you will begin to enjoy this way of learning English.

The advantages of "Sing with me" are many. First, you absorb the correct pronunciation of words. Secondly, you learn new words quickly enough (which, by the way, are widely used, because complicated nonsense is not sung in songs). And thirdly, you will begin to feel the joy of your favorite songs anew — because now you understand them!

By the way, in order to learn the language using the "Sing with me" method, the Vkontakte website is great — in the audio recordings of the popular social network, you can search for songs that are already "sewn in" words. It's simple and convenient!

In Contact | Audio

Well, and finally, one more tip. If you are afraid of difficulties, do not use the "Sing with Me" method on compositions with fast or indistinct vocals, which are loved, for example, by rap artists or heavy metal vocalists. You'll only break your tongue!

Sing and learn words at the same time! Well, next time we will tell you about a sticker-a way to replenish your vocabulary. As they say, Stay Tuned!

Part 1. Word cards

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