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Several photo hacks

04 May 2023, 10:15, parser
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We are all a bit of Photo Sapiens — «people taking pictures ». There is nowhere without a camera now. But megapixels and millimeters of focal length do not make photos better. However, this can be easily fixed.


In order to get photos of a significant degree of coolness, you need to study long and hard. However, even a beginner can easily raise his level of photography. And here's what you need to do for this:

  • Take pictures every day (or, in other words, do not spend a day without a camera). Shoot, shoot and shoot again! Start your little photo project «365» — take one photo every day.
  • Subscribe to interesting photoblogs — there are heaps of them in runet. But don't overdo it!
  • Try to analyze every photo you like, look for what's special about it. Imagine how you can use what you have seen in practice.
  • Take a couple of reels of film on an old grandfather's camera — such a retro workshop will help you experience all the technical subtleties of photography.
  • Do not disdain a mobile phone — you can also shoot beautifully and interestingly on it.
  • Remember a simple rule: if you want to take a picture of something, take a picture. You will not have a second chance at a masterpiece.
  • Share photos, learn to accept criticism.
  • Study the match and post-processing.

And don't hesitate to take pictures. Every photo you take helps you grow and makes the world a better place!

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