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About Everything Wiki » macOS » 5 Free macOS Utilities that will Simplify Your Work and Save Time

5 Free macOS Utilities that will Simplify Your Work and Save Time

20 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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1. Session Pal

While working, you have to keep many tabs open and change them frequently throughout the day, depending on the tasks. The Session Pal application will help you not clutter up bookmarks and not waste time sorting and searching for the pages you need at the moment.

It allows you to save the current sites opened in Safari in one click by clicking on Save Session and quickly restore them at any time. Saved sessions are displayed in the extension menu with a list of the number of tabs and page names. They can also be shared by mail.

The save time is automatically added to the sessions as a name, which is easy to change for convenience. The settings allow you to export saved collections to return them or transfer them to another computer if necessary. There is a useful feature for automatically saving tabs that have been inactive for the last 24 hours.

2. Later

If you often do not close any programs that are currently unnecessary due to the fact that you will have to spend time downloading them later, then you will like it Later.

With this utility, you can clear your workspace by closing running applications with one touch, and restore them at any time. This will be useful, for example, before a call, a break, or to save battery power.

Later behavior can be configured in the menu. Specify whether to completely terminate applications or only minimize windows (Quit apps instead of hiding), whether already running programs will be closed before resuming the session (Close all apps when restoring). In addition, an automatic recovery function is available after a set time (from 15 minutes to 5 hours).

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3. Morpho Converter

A universal converter is useful to operate with values of different regional standards. For example, when communicating or working with people from other countries. If you often come across this, then Morpho Converter will help you save time.

The utility can be used from the menu bar. Just enter a number and you will instantly get the result of converting to your favorite values without having to select them manually.

There is much more information available in the main window of Morpho Converter. For example, fractional values for the selected translation direction. There are also a huge number of value categories, including currencies, reference data, and even shoe sizes.

4. Tiempo

If you often try to calculate the time difference or Google it whenever you need to contact or schedule a meeting with colleagues from other time zones, then Tiempo will be a real godsend.

The utility displays the time in the cities you need, showing the difference with convenient color markings, and also allows you to view the date and day of the week.

Moreover, thanks to the scale at the bottom of the window, you can "rewind" the day, and the local time in each city will automatically change, which will help you choose the most convenient moment for everyone.

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5. Spaced

In macOS, unfortunately, there is no function for organizing icons in the menu bar and sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one. Especially for owners of large laptops and external displays, where there is enough space for a couple dozen icons.

With the Spaced utility, it becomes possible to restore order by distributing icons into groups using various separator characters. You can add several of these and move them by moving the cursor with the Cmd key held down.

Both spaces and hyphens, dots and straight lines are available to choose from. If desired, you can reduce the transparency of the separators in the settings so that they are not so conspicuous.

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