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About Everything Wiki » macOS » Apple introduced macOS Sonoma with desktop widgets and Game mode

Apple introduced macOS Sonoma with desktop widgets and Game mode

06 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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At the WWDC conference, a new version of macOS was shown, which was called Sonoma.

The desktop system now allows you to set a unique image for the lock screen, which will smoothly transition into the background image when logging in.

Widgets in macOS Sonoma can be placed directly on the desktop — in any part of the screen. They are interactive: you can run a command or scroll through the calendar without opening the main application. These widgets automatically merge with the background when you start any programs, so as not to drag attention.

Illustration: Apple

Sonoma will have a game mode that improves performance and reduces the latency of connected Bluetooth devices.

Illustration: Apple

Hideo Kojima also took the stage to announce the release of Death Stranding Director's Cut, which will be released on Mac later this year. The exact dates are not specified, but Kojima promised that pre-orders in the App Store will open soon.

Illustration: Apple

For those who regularly hold presentations, we have added a new mode for superimposing video from a webcam onto an image from the screen. This feature will work in Zoom, Teams and other applications.

Safari, meanwhile, gets profiles — the ability to share work and personal affairs with individual extensions, groups of tabs, bookmarks, and even cookies.

Illustration: Apple

Attention was also paid to web applications. Developers will be able to create them based on any site, and users will be able to receive notifications from them, as from regular programs. Web applications can be docked.

The release dates of macOS Sonoma have not yet been announced.

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