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About Everything Wiki » Life Hack » It's time to have a snack! 4 non-obvious Signs that the Body Needs to Refuel

It's time to have a snack! 4 non-obvious Signs that the Body Needs to Refuel

23 Jan 2024, 00:03, parser
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Why fish pastes are a cool snack option

The modern rhythm of life does not always leave a chance for a full meal. The feeling of hunger can overtake you in the midst of preparing for a difficult project, during a winning game of an online game or packing for a trip. It is better to cope with it with the help of healthy snacks.

The line of snacks "Santa Bremor" includes pastes from Antarctic krill, squid, salmon, cod, tuna. Seafood and fish — source Health Benefits of Fish / Washington State Department of Health high-quality low-fat protein. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium. So with the help of a jar of pasta, you will be able to satisfy your hunger with benefit, and among the variety of flavors you will be able to find something to suit any mood.

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How to understand that it's time to have a snack

It would seem that the task is not from the field of quantum physics: rumbling in the stomach means that you want to eat. But the body does not always signal this directly. Sometimes the fact that fuel is running out is indicated by non-obvious things.

It's hard to concentrate

This effect is due to the fact that as food is digested, glucose levels — the main source of energy for the brain — gradually decrease Health Check: the science of ‘hangry’, or why some people get grumpy when they’re hungry / The Conversation . When it becomes critically small, a person, like a smartphone, goes into "energy-saving mode": he feels weak and has problems with concentration. And if, in addition, the stomach really begins to rumble, furiously attracting the attention of everyone around it, then it is even more difficult to focus on business.

Scientists have proved HEALTH AND WELLNESS Why you shouldn’t make decisions on an empty stomach, according to science / CNBC that a hungry person is not inclined to think deeply about something and quickly agrees to things that will benefit him at the moment, even if it is not related to getting food. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, making important decisions on an empty stomach is a bad idea.

What to do

Image: Anna_Pustynnikova / Shutterstock / Santa Bremor / Lifehacker

Refuel the body with a hearty snack. An omelette roll will do. Take the pita bread, spread it with a novelty from Santa Bremor — chopped squid in cream sauce with avocado. Fry the scramble quickly. Add egg flakes to the next roll, put your favorite fresh vegetables or a handful of crushed nuts and enjoy.

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My head hurts

There is even a medical term that describes Hunger Headache / Cleveland Clinic this condition is: a hungry headache. As a rule, it occurs when a lot of time passes between meals. If a person confines himself to a cup of coffee for breakfast and work enthusiasm for lunch, then by the evening there is every chance to get acquainted with a similar feeling.

Headache is a consequence of a number of reasons. Hunger causes Hunger Headache / Cleveland Clinic stress provokes a decrease in blood sugar levels and muscle overstrain. Other symptoms may appear: weakness, sweating, abdominal discomfort, and even fever. Snacking will help to get rid of this condition. As a rule, the headache subsides half an hour after eating.

What to do

Image: Santa Bremor / Lifehacker

Prepare a quick snack. Spread the bruschetta thickly with salmon fillet paste "Atlantic Fish". Toss a couple of tomato rings and a fresh lettuce leaf.

Everything reminds of junk food

The feeling of hunger can arise as a response to the need to quickly get positive emotions, because food is a powerful source Hunger Headache / Cleveland Clinic fun. If you get nervous at work, have a fight at a parent-teacher meeting, get stuck in traffic and also miss lunch, then even the clouds become like a juicy burger.

It happens the other way around. An attack of uncontrollable salivation can be caused by the image of food. Scientifically proven Pictures of food create feelings of hunger. External stimuli control the hormonal regulation of our eating behaviour / Max Planck Society that as a result of visual stimulation of the brain, the level of ghrelin, the so—called hunger hormone, increases in the body. Therefore, if the hero of the film appetizingly chews a donut with coffee, you literally begin to feel their taste and aroma.

What to do

Image: Santa Bremor / Lifehacker

If you are irresistibly drawn to something harmful, you can deceive the body by replacing a meaningless snack with a more useful alternative. Instead of fatty potato chips for the movie, make snacks from mousse with salmon with cottage cheese and vegetables.

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Haunted by anger and bad mood

The feeling of hunger can affect the mind in different ways. If too much time passes between meals, a person may feel irritated or even worry How hunger can warp our minds / BBC outbursts of rage.

This effect was proved How hunger can warp our minds / BBC to researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The scientists asked the women, about half of whom were fasting, questions about their hunger levels, eating habits and mood. As a result, it was found that "hungry" respondents were more likely to be exposed to negative emotions such as increased tension, anger, depression, fatigue and confusion.

What to do

Image: Santa Bremor / Lifehacker

If everything is annoying, and there is no time to mess around in the kitchen, any pasta from "Santa Bremor" will help. Take loaves, crackers or other edible "spoon", open the jar and knock out hunger!

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