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About Everything Wiki » Life Hack » 10 Ways to Improve Google Reader

10 Ways to Improve Google Reader

03 May 2023, 07:07, parser
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Google ReaderIn my opinion, Google Reader is one of the best clients for reading news feeds. Not even every offline analogue can be compared in the convenience of work. And 10 simple tricks turn Google Reader into a leader, leaving competitors far behind.

Most of the tricks require you to use Mozilla Firefox and install the Greasemonkey extension.

1. Google Reader Preview Enhanced — improved article preview.

PreviewYou probably subscribe to several abbreviated news feeds when you can only read an excerpt of an article in Google Reader. This is a fairly common practice among site owners who are trying to increase traffic to the resource in this way. The Google Reader Preview Enhanced script adds a Preview button, clicking on which you will see the entire article (and even with comments). The only drawback is that the page with the article is loaded « as is » — with all the design and advertising.

2. Adding a search form

Google Reader does not have its own search, but it can be added there in several ways, one of which is installing a Greasemonkey script.

3. Installing the Better gReader extension

This addon was created by the authors of the American Lifehacker and is a compilation of several scripts. Among the added features, I will highlight the improved design for Google Reader and the smart RSS feed subscription. When you visit a site that has an RSS feed, you can click on the subscription link and will be immediately redirected to Google Reader (in the usual version, you will first get to an intermediate page where you will be asked where to add a subscription - in iGoogle or Google Reader)

4. Auto-add feed to Google Reader

This script avoids the notorious offer to subscribe to iGoogle.

5. Google Reader + Twitter

The script allows you to add posts to «Twitter » — a popular microblogging platform

6. Google Reader +

With this script, you can bookmark on your favorite articles

7. Facebook* Sharer + Google Reader

We share interesting articles with friends on Facebook* and on the profile page in this social network

8. Google Reader’s BlogThis2Me

We publish the article we like on our blog (for this, your blog CMS must provide a bookmarklet — WP and MT have it)

9. Google Reader Notifier

The Mozilla Firefox extension shows you the number of unread news in GR.

10. Operating mode «mouse only»

MouseGoogle Reader is famous for its good keyboard support. However, many users are just more comfortable with a mouse. That's why the Read by Mouse script was created for them. By installing it and changing the operating mode, you can:

  • On the left click go to the next article
  • Right-click to go to the previous article
  • By clicking the middle button, perform an action (mark with an asterisk, share, open the original article in the tab (to leave, for example, a comment)

I use two scripts from the above list — Google Reader Preview Enhanced and Google Reader + .

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