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About Everything Wiki » Life » 50 things worth trying before you die

50 things worth trying before you die

02 May 2023, 06:48, parser
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1. Visit all continents.

2. Cross your country by bike.

3. Saddle something bigger than a horse. For example, an elephant.

4. Live in another country for at least a month. This will broaden your horizons.

5. Visit a real blues bar in Chicago. You will understand what real non-commercial music is.

6. Learn another language.

7. Try heli-skiing — this is when a helicopter takes you to the top for skiing.

8. Cross India by train. This is the only way you will see the most colorful and controversial country.

9. Conquer one of the seven highest peaks.

10. Go surfing.

make before death: surfing

11. Go diving with a whale shark.

12. Visit the carnival in Brazil.

13. Learn to dance tango in Argentina.

14. Meet the underwater inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef — the largest coral reef in the world.

15. Publish an article about your travels.

16. Go somewhere as a volunteer for a month.

17. Repeat the journey of the hero of your favorite novel.

18. Fly over Africa in an ultralight plane.

19. Take a walk on the glacier.

20. Look at the mouth of one of the greatest rivers in the world, for example, the Nile.

21. Climb to the top of an active volcano.

22. Buy a boat and learn how to operate it.

23. Try to eat with your hands, as many people in the world do.

24. Take a dip in the Ganges to experience the spirit of India.

25. Take a trip around the Earth, even by plane.

26. Take a picture of some dangerous animal.

27. Take part in dancing around burning statues. It is said that it is as difficult to convey the sensations that arise as it is to describe a color to a blind person.

28. Spend 24 hours alone in the jungle.

29. Learn how to cook the national dish of the peoples with whom you are in contact.

30. Learn English in a foreign country.

31. Visit a music festival in another country.

make before death: festival

32. Cross any country by public transport.

33. Spend the night in any old hotel, even in your own city.

34. Visit the Olympic Games.

35. Meet the living writer you adore.

36. Visit the Love Parade in Germany.

37. Take part in a tea ceremony in Japan.

38. Join the caravan that crosses the Sahara.

39. Go to Oktoberfest.

40. Jump with a parachute.

make before death: parachute

41. Conquer the South or North Pole.

42. Attend a soccer match in Europe or South America.

43. Visit the birthplace or grave of a cult personality.

44. Find your place on earth, like in the movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

45. Try a fresh cigar in Cuba.

46. Visit all the capitals of Europe.

47. Attend a symphony performance in Vienna.

48. Take a bike ride along the Pacific Coast Highway.

49. Shake hands with someone who has truly changed the world.

50. Take part in the biggest water battle in Thailand.

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