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About Everything Wiki » DIY » How to iron a shirt correctly

How to iron a shirt correctly

04 May 2023, 17:38, parser
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How to iron a shirt

The business dress code has been actively changing lately and casual jackets and jeans have replaced the classic suits that filled the offices of companies. One attribute of clothing has undergone the least changes — a shirt. You can buy a great shirt, for example, by assembling a convenient designer to your taste on the "Shirt-to-order" website, but there is another important element — it is necessary to iron the shirt correctly.

how to iron a shirt

You are greeted by your clothes, especially if you asked for a meeting yourself. You are evaluated, examined, and any shortcomings, even of an excellent shirt, will be visible, especially by women.

Let's see how to iron a shirt correctly.

1. Start by ironing the inside and outside of the collar. Then go down the dorsal part to the very bottom.

2. Next, go to the cuffs. Pay special attention to them, as they are always in sight.

3. From the cuffs, go up to the hangers. Use a special little box that comes with an ironing board.

4. From the shoulders you need to continue ironing down. Don't pay too much attention to your back — from outerwear and sitting on a chair or in a car, it still crumples, but pay all your attention to the front part.

5. Do not forget to wind up the tip of the iron between the buttons — they often forget to do this.

A few tips:

1. Moisten the shirt before ironing with a pulverizer with clean water. A dry crumpled shirt is poorly ironed and may crumple again after ironing.

2. If you are in a hurry, and often it happens :), then put the foil between the board and the shirt — it reflects steam from the iron and heat and, heating up, irons the shirt on the other side.

3. Use an iron with a steam generator — it facilitates ironing of particularly unruly fabrics.

how to iron a shirt

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