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About Everything Wiki » Life » Cafe4tune: 3D social network with extensive features

Cafe4tune: 3D social network with extensive features

04 May 2023, 05:53, parser
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Social networks continue to grow. Some people like it, and some don't, but the fact remains that people like it there. Technologies do not stand still, and now a person can not just create his profile in the information space, but also immerse himself in a full-fledged three-dimensional world adapted to each specific user. The first serious implementation of such an approach to social networks can be called a project called Cafe4tune, which is a real 3D social network.


Communication without borders

There are a lot of options for interaction here. For example, a resident of Moscow, walking along Red Square, quite by chance can see his friend on the screen among passers-by. Then they will both be able to go to a nearby cafe and communicate in a convenient way — in a chat, voice or video conference mode, and at the same time listen to music or watch a football match broadcast together, filmed on a professional camera or mobile phone. Those who missed the broadcast will be able to find it in the search engine and watch it at any convenient time.

Interesting acquaintances

The network is overgrown with new functions. Each user can create their own flirt request, and Cafe4tune will attract compatible users to a private chat window based on matching query and search criteria. With the consent of both users, their real profiles will become available to each other, and they will be able to start communicating.

At the moment, it is difficult to find a service where a user could simultaneously pick up a couple, chat with friends in a chat or voice, hold a presentation of their product, sing a song in karaoke or watch an online broadcast of a concert by a favorite artist or a football match. And with all this, watch yourself on the screen.

News blocks

One of the planned features of Cafe4tune is a news block from the World Wide Web. An online radio function is also expected for those who are more comfortable listening to the news. Well, or just listen to music, catching your favorite wave.

Freedom of editing

In Cafe4tune, you can create several personal pages under one account, each of them has its own privacy settings. At the same time, you can change any information in your account, even your first and last name. Another difference between Cafe4tune: friends' contacts, in addition to the general list, are displayed in the form of a tree — this way you can see who is friends with whom.

Virtual elections

The service aims to connect the boundaries of real life and online space, as far as modern technologies and means of communication allow. Currently, referendums are being held among users of various countries within the framework of "virtual elections", candidates are being nominated. At the moment, there are countries on the site whose leaders have already been selected. Each of the leaders has its own personal page on which any user can ask a question of interest to him.


Cafe4tune has a large number of entertainment resources, games (chess, backgammon, card games, etc.), which will be equipped not only with game components directly, but also with video and audio communication capabilities between participants. The developers plan to launch games for phones, virtual clothes for 3D avatars and much more.

Business benefits

Cafe4tune provides effective and affordable business promotion tools: the ability to conduct presentations of goods and services, brand advertising (communication with the advertiser's website), organization of online sales. Currently, a number of services are under launch.

A notable feature of Cafe4tune is that the site already operates in 45 languages of the world, so advertisers should not worry about whether their audience speaks English. You can simply place an advertisement in the language of the country in which its target audience lives. There are tools for creating virtual shops, art galleries and exhibition halls with the possibility of organizing online sales. Virtual premises will unite customers as regular visitors to shops, galleries and other facilities, and will also be able to be used in their own business projects.

From the creators

"Cafe4tune became the first social network registered in the USA with the current beta+ version in Russian. The CIS market is very important to us, one of the leaders in the development of social networks today, and we want to surprise Russian-speaking Internet users with a "hybrid" product with a non—standard concept, different from the already well-known social networks," says Artashes Ikonomidis, CEO of Cafe4tune.

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