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About Everything Wiki » Gadgets » Apple announced Mac Pro and Mac Studio with the most powerful M2 Ultra processor

Apple announced Mac Pro and Mac Studio with the most powerful M2 Ultra processor

06 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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Following the 15-inch MacBook Air, Apple showed a fresh Mac Studio at WWDC. This is still the same compact PC, which will now be available in two versions — with the already familiar M2 Max and a completely new M2 Ultra chip.

Image: Apple
The Ultra version, in fact, is two M2 Max combined with Apple's Ultra Fusion technology. This solution can offer up to 24 CPU cores and up to 76 graphics cores, which makes the chip 30% faster than the M1 Ultra.

Image: Apple
The M2 Ultra supports up to 192 GB of combined memory — 50% more than the M1 Ultra. A total of 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth is available, as well as a 32-core neural engine and 134 billion transistors.

Image: Apple
Apple claims that one PC with an M2 Ultra GPU can train working machine learning systems that discrete GPUs cannot cope with due to lack of memory.

Mac Studio with M2 Ultra also supports up to six Pro Display XDR monitors, Wi-Fi 6E for faster download speeds and Bluetooth 5.3.

Image: Apple

On the back panel there are four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10 Gbps Ethernet port, an HDMI port and two USB-A. On the front panel there are two USB-C and an SD card slot.

The updated Mac Studio will cost from 1999 dollars (≈161,500 rubles), and deliveries will begin on June 13.

Image: Apple

The new Mac Pro will only be available with M2 Ultra. The PC will offer six available PCIe Gen 4 expansion slots and eight Thunderbolt ports. It can be configured with a 76-core GPU and 192 GB of memory.

Image: Apple

Like Mac Studio, the new Mac Pro will support up to six Pro Display XDRs, as well as offer Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 support for the latest accessories.

The Mac Pro has three USB-A ports, two higher-bandwidth HDMI ports (which support resolutions up to 8K and frame rates up to 240 Hz) and two 10 Gbps Ethernet ports.

Image: Apple

Apple claims that the model with the top specification can work up to 3 times faster than the old version with Intel.

The new Mac Pro will cost from $ 6,999 (≈565,600 rubles). Sales — from June 13.

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