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About Everything Wiki » Leisure » Hideo Kojima named 12 favorite movies he watched in 2023

Hideo Kojima named 12 favorite movies he watched in 2023

22 Jan 2024, 00:02, parser
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Game designer Hideo Kojima reported Here’s Hideo Kojima’s Top 12 Films released in 2023. No ranking. They are listed in the order in which I saw them / @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN / X in his social networks that he watched about 290 films in 2023. Most of them were old, but he also paid a lot of attention to new products.

The creator of Death Stranding even compiled a list of 12 favorite paintings. He did not put them in their places, but simply listed them in the order in which he looked.


Hideo Kojima's 12 favorite movies in 2023:

  • "Air: The Big Leap" (AIR, 2023);
  • "My Sun" (Aftersun, 2022);
  • "The Banshees of Inisherin" (The Banshees of Inisherin, 2022);
  • "Close" (Close, 2022);
  • MRI (R.M.N., 2022);
  • "The Wolf House" (The Wolf House, 2018);
  • "Predators" (The Beasts, 2022);
  • "Vortex" (Vortex, 2021);
  • "Perfect Days" (Perfect Days, 2023);
  • "Snow Society" (La sociedad de la nieve, 2023);
  • "The Killer" (The Killer, 2023);
  • "Anatomy of a Fall" (Anatomie d'une chute, 2023).

Share in the comments a list of your favorite movies you watched last year.

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