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Playing tic-tac-toe with Five (+ code draw!)

03 May 2023, 06:21, parser
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To date, the Appstore is simply bursting at the seams from «simple » games, any self-respecting igrodel has probably already made a semblance of a naval battle, or created another instance of a variety of checkers, and of course the inquisitive mind of the developers got to the game of tic-tac-toe. Bored? Do not rush to conclusions, everything is not as simple as it seems, the logic game Five will tell you about it.

Classic tic-tac-toe on a 3x3 field is of interest except for the development of logical abilities of young children. In order to complicate the game, it is necessary to add the number of cells on the playing field and change the victory condition — to increase the number of identical symbols lined up in one line, the game up to 4 or 6 characters will not be particularly interesting due to mathematical features. The best option is 5 characters, in this scenario, the handicap of the first move has a lesser effect on the course of the game. And then the usual tic-tac-toe turns into a game of Gomoku, the history of which began in China in the second millennium BC.

Reasoning approximately in this way, the game designers from Sixth Corner have made their contribution to a huge collection of not very original projects. Well, if it was done, then someone needs it.


Download, open, observe. We observe on the screen an interface made in the style of «for the first time — in the first class », I note that all interface elements are implemented efficiently and accurately, there were no problems with identifying tic-tac-toe. The playing field does not always respond clearly to the user's click and the cross may go into the wrong cell that you need, perhaps the fields should have been made a little larger. The main menu of the program contains options: 1 player, 2 players and an on-line game. There is also a menu for choosing the difficulty of three levels.


Plunging your finger into the «Start Game » let's move on to the gameplay. A white blank sheet in a cell, how many memories of the past …, but it's time to put an end to this, artificial intelligence will answer you with a zero — the process has started. It doesn't make sense to write about the gameplay for a long time, everything is very clear. Defeating the iPhone at the Hard difficulty level is not an easy task and requires concentration and a well-chosen strategy.


Similar games are revealed in a new way during a battle with a live opponent and the on-line mode is very useful here. It would be great if the game was complicated by changing the topology of the field (opposite sides of the field are glued together) or added the ability to put any of the two signs (such an innovation requires analysis). Despite the fact that the game is simple, its implementation left a positive impression.


The cost of the game Five is $ 0.99, you can buy it in the App Store at this link. Developers from SixthCorner provided MacRadar readers with 10 codes. The first three commentators are guaranteed to receive the code, we will play 7 more codes among the rest of the readers. Comments are accepted until 23.59 Friday. The names of the winners will be announced on Saturday. Go ahead :-)

Update. The names of the winners: Andrey, Vladimir, denfalin, Alexander, Danches, adekvatno, Yuri, Mika, cleg, Yaroslav Fedin. Friends, the codes have been sent, so check your mailboxes, do not forget about the Spam folder

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