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About Everything Wiki » Food » Easier to buy: the Network discusses food that should not be cooked from scratch

Easier to buy: the Network discusses food that should not be cooked from scratch

08 Jun 2023, 12:03, parser
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In the thread on Reddit, users discuss which dishes and drinks it makes no sense to cook from scratch: it's easier to order in a restaurant or simplify the process using ready-made components. The reasons for this are different: in some cases, the purchased ingredient will save several hours or get rid of an unpleasant process, in others, it is trite to eat a dish in a restaurant cheaper than buying rare spices and ingredients that are not usually used in your country. We chose a dozen striking examples.

1. "Sushi. It's such a hassle: properly cook and season rice, collect all the ingredients, which are often also expensive (for example, avocado and fish)… I'd rather pay and eat in a normal place. Usually I try not to spend money buying food that I can cook better at home or at least not worse, but in the case of sushi, I'd rather trust a cook who really knows how to cook rice correctly and deliciously," — yycluke

Photo: Andy Hay / Unsplash

2. "Curry paste. I have several real cookbooks from Thailand at home, and several recipes mention that it makes no sense to cook it from scratch and it's easier to buy ready—made" - Lanzenreighter

3. "Almond milk. Usually it is even more expensive to cook it than to buy it, because raw almonds are one of the most expensive nuts, and for the price of a box of almond milk you will not buy enough almonds to make the same volume yourself," — bonenecklace

4. "Vietnamese pho. You can spend 2 days and a lot of money on ingredients, or order a large portion of soup in a restaurant for 10-15 dollars. Self—cooking is simply not worth the effort,"- barshrockwell

5. "Marshmallow. Cleaning turns into hell and everything is sticky everywhere" - yensid78

Photo: Mohamed Shaffaf / Unsplash

6. "Shawarma. Meat for her really needs to be cooked on a large spit — which most houses probably don't have. Besides, this dish is usually as cheap as possible," — pablorichi

7. "Sausage wrapper. I hunt and butcher wild boars, and because of the smell, I don't make the shell myself," - sir_spongeman

8. "Dutch meat croquettes. Once, as a teenager, I tried to make them as delicious as my mother's, but nothing came out. When I asked for advice, she said she just buys them ready—made,"- CharlotteLucasOP

9. "Almost any soup. At culinary school, we were taught to cook everything from scratch. Cook broth on bones for several hours, chop fresh ingredients instead of frozen ones and all that. We tried it, it was delicious, but something was missing. Then the instructor added a spoonful of the finished soup base — and it's amazing how much flavor it brought to the dish," — death_hawk

Photo: mahyar motebassem / Unsplash

10. "Anything from puff pastry. Homemade dough is really better, but without the right equipment to cook it is a terrible hassle" — zaranneth

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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