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About Everything Wiki » Internet » Happy Pedro Pascal, sigma males and other memes that delighted us in 2023

Happy Pedro Pascal, sigma males and other memes that delighted us in 2023

21 Jan 2024, 12:03, parser
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Hakachannyj Durov

Telegram founder Pavel Durov caused a wave of jokes about his appearance with his first photo in 2023. Most of them can be described by the phrase of one of the commentators: "What kind of lion is this tiger."

More memes with Durov →

Aboutappreciating all Tinkov

The second person who unwittingly gave us hundreds of memes is Oleg Tinkov. His phrases from last year's interview literally flew into quotes, especially those that are suitable for evaluating any things.

Given our editorial policy, we cannot post examples of memes with Tinkov on the site page, but you can watch funny options on YouTube: about games, Russian cinema, Nolan films or even Marvel.

Their wil nicht

An absurd meme based on the viral track Komm tanzen? Ich will nicht ("Let's dance? I don't want to"), which was combined with the wolf dance from the older meme "Auf". They illustrate procrastination, indifference, joy, foolishness and shirking from work.

This dance became so popular that many choreographers began to teach the movements of the wolf.

Fish and diver

This is a funny meme from a viral video in which a big fish watches as a diver splits a clam for it. The characters of the video are Japanese scuba diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and the sheep—headed guban - old friends This Japanese diver has been visiting his best friend fish for 25 years now / Bored Panda .

Footage from the video was often used to illustrate the behavior of pets, waiting, learning, and various everyday situations.

Happy Pedro Pascal

The main movie of the year was a happy Pedro Pascal, smiling at Nicolas Cage. This is a fragment of the painting "The unbearable weight of a huge talent". Usually, frames with these characters describe situations when the same event causes an opposite reaction in two people.

Many of them recognized themselves or their loved ones, so the meme quickly spread online and became a kind of advertisement for the film.

Patrick "sigma" Bateman

Not only the new films of 2023 diverged into memes, but also shots from iconic paintings. The most striking example is the next appearance of sigma males led by Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) from American Psycho.

Footage from the movie "American Psychopath"

Bateman, with pouting lips and furrowed brows, literally became the face of this meme. Such facial expressions, called "sigma-face", are usually used to express approval or impression of some kind of daring act.

Sigma males followed - they are like alpha, only they do not flaunt their status. Most often, such people try to stay apart, outside the hierarchy, and do not lead anyone, but this only makes them more brutal.

To hell with your zodiac signs, what kind of sigma character are you?

More memes about sigma males →

Singing children, or Turn around

This unbearable meme is based on an excerpt from the movie "Diary of a Wimp", where children sing the Bonnie Tyler song Total Eclipse of the Heart. Everyone hits the notes terribly, except for one boy at the very end.

A meme usually illustrates situations where some not very correct or not very effective solutions can bring pleasure or satisfaction. The video also has an extended version.

And which memes did you like the most? Write in the comments.

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