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How to Get money when you really need it

04 May 2023, 13:02, parser
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I am sure that the financial issue is far from the last place in your New Year's plans. Yes, you can dream of the most sublime things, long journeys and great achievements, but very often everything rests on the banal lack of money. And if your management does not respond in any way to hints about a salary increase, and your grandmother is still in good health, then it's time to turn to other sources of money. To detect them, it is sometimes enough to look around and look at familiar things with a fresh look. In this article, we will help you do this.

Old stuff


Every person, in every house, will have a certain number of things that are not used by anyone and, in general, are not needed. These can be both used and brand new household items, clothing, souvenirs, household appliances. Getting rid of them, you will not only restore order in the house, but also replenish your account.

Handmade goods


If you are good at doing something with your hands in the style of decorative and applied art, then you can sell your work through special sites, for example Etsy. It is quite possible that what you think is a cute trinket will seem to others to be a unique handmade masterpiece. And maybe you can even build your business on it!



Do you like children or animals? Or maybe you like to spend time in the company of elderly people? Then why not devote your time to caring for those who need it, while receiving not only moral, but also material rewards? Besides, it's a great way to socialize.



If you know how to write, draw or program, then you can sell your work on special exchanges for freelance employees. This will help you not only get additional earnings, but also acquire the necessary connections, experience and, perhaps, even grow into something more than a simple side job.

Consultations and training


If you are proficient in your specialty, if you are an authority in your field, then why don't you transfer some of your experience in the form of consultations, lectures or lessons? For a reasonable fee, of course.



Yes, I agree, the method is unconventional. But it brings money, does not require long training :) and, besides, it serves quite noble purposes of helping childless couples.

Egg donation


The same topic, but much more complex and highly paid. An anonymous procedure, as a result of which the donor receives a certain amount of money, and childless married couples have the opportunity to become happy parents.

Advertising space in the blog


If you are blogging on a topic that interests you, then sooner or later he will gather around him some audience of like-minded people. And then advertisers will appear. There are a huge number of such examples on the web. Yes, here, on « Run, Lifehacker » at least look!


dissepearing text video-gif4

Maybe you are not a very good author, but you know exactly how to place commas even in the most complex sentence and how many letters are there in the word professor? Then you will be simply irreplaceable as an editor or proofreader. Of course, modern word processors will make you some competition, but with such a rapidly progressing level of illiteracy produced by the modern education system, you will be in demand for a long time.

Photo processing


If you are familiar with Photoshop or Gimp, know the techniques of processing, manipulation or restoration of images, then you can turn your hobby into income! The range of possible orders here is simply huge: from wedding salons and private photo workshops to owners of websites and printed publications.

Gold jewelry


The cult of gold originated in immemorial times, but is still revered by many. If you are not one of them, then it's time to get these shiny expensive trinkets out of the boxes and turn them into something really valuable.

Empty rooms in your house


Yes, letting strangers into your house can be quite difficult, first of all, psychologically. However, if your financial situation forces you to look for an additional source of income, then this method will not only help make ends meet, but also, perhaps, will give you interesting pleasant neighbors.

Game achievements


Believe it or not, some quite serious people are able to pay quite real money for a particularly valuable dragon tooth sword or invisibility cloak! And around some popular games, a developed shadow economy has already developed, which allows you to turn your achievements into quite tangible banknotes.



How about turning your amateur photos into a source of permanent additional income? There are enough photo hosting sites on the web that will be happy to present your pictures to potential buyers. This work cannot be called too highly paid, but it is quite real and not as difficult as it seems.

The purpose of this article was not, of course, to list all possible ways of earning money or to advertise any unique method of obtaining wealth. Most likely, this is just an attempt to draw your attention to the fact that each of us is surrounded by countless opportunities that we simply do not use. And what ways of additional earnings do you recommend in the comments?

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