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About Everything Wiki » Internet » Neural network showed how houses will look like in 2050

Neural network showed how houses will look like in 2050

05 Jun 2023, 00:02, parser
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The Daily Mail decided to find out what the technological houses of the future might look like. To do this, the correspondent talked with futurologists and turned their ideas into requests for Midjourney.

Experts believe that every surface in such a house can be converted into a touch screen to solve different tasks, and augmented reality will allow you to project a hologram with Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, who will give tips on cooking.

Illustrations: Daily Mail, Midjourney

Thanks to nanotechnology, walls, floors and ceilings can be made transparent or solid with one voice command, or even turned into a huge screen.

Given that content consumption is moving away from traditional television to streaming right now, this trend will only continue in the future. There will be isolated areas for streaming in the houses. This will give residents the opportunity to watch and play anything without disturbing others.

Illustrations: Daily Mail, Midjourney

At the same time, there are assumptions that the population density will increase in the future. Due to the fact that there will be more and more children and elderly people unable to live separately, cohabitation of several generations of families will be more frequent.

Illustrations: Daily Mail, Midjourney

The answer to this will be modular buildings with the ability to add or move blocks as needed.

Electronics in such houses will be powered by renewable energy: in addition to solar panels, special materials from which the buildings themselves will be built will also be able to absorb energy. Also, building materials are adapted to global warming so that they can withstand higher temperatures.

Illustrations: Daily Mail, Midjourne

The efficiency of such systems may exceed the electricity demand of the house itself, so that the excess will be diverted to the power grid.

By 2050, AI will be used in everyday homes. Virtual assistants will not only anticipate the needs of residents, but also manage the distribution of energy. Voice commands will replace traditional switches and control buttons.

Illustrations: Daily Mail, Midjourney

Finally, there will be a lot of greenery and plants in such houses, and self-cultivation of food will become more common.

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