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About Everything Wiki » Internet » What not to warm up in the microwave: 20 illustrative examples from network users

What not to warm up in the microwave: 20 illustrative examples from network users

29 May 2023, 13:58, parser
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Reddit users shared a sad experience of using a microwave oven. Some of them, out of inexperience, used unsuitable dishes, others tried to cook foods that cannot be heated, and others accidentally burned something that has nothing to do with food at all.  Here are 20 examples.

1. This, for example, was an attempt to warm up a frozen raw croissant.

Photo: the_highway_skyline / Reddit

2. A glass of cream. Don't ask me how.

Photo: Gustenpunkt / Reddit

3. Eggs in the microwave are not easy.

Photo: Reddit

4. And this monster is just a cake in a mug. Apparently, someone tried to bake it like this.

Photo: carolbaskinsexhusban / Reddit

5. Warming up in a plastic container that is not suitable for a microwave oven.

Photo: Mesoscale92 / Reddit

6. When "slightly" overexposed. This, by the way, is a can of Nutella. Was.

Photo: aintx / Reddit

7. The brand on the plate speaks for itself.

Photo: veno_mex / Reddit

8. Bacon. Beats the dishes.

Photo: KhariTheFirst / Reddit

9. Pepperoni, from which all the juices literally came out when heated.

Photo: theholidayham / Reddit

10. And it was a frozen Chorizo sausage.

Photo: livinlrginchitwn / Reddit

11. Instant noodles — in plastic packaging and without water.

Photo: bermudajoe / Reddit

12. Here it is at least in a plate, but also without water.

Photo: motomermaid / Reddit

13. And these are just unsuitable dishes.

Photo: johnnyditt / Reddit

14. And that too. It survived, but it was red-hot.

Photo: NeoIceCreamDream / Reddit

15. An attempt to reheat frozen honey , and even with the lid closed.

Photo: sigsegv7 / Reddit

16. And here's what will happen to avocado.

Photo: taffelost / Reddit

17. Many people have heard about the CD, but few have seen what will happen to it after the microwave.

Photo: BurningVShadow / Reddit

18. When the child learned to use the microwave.

Photo: Reddit

19. And this is an older child who decided to dry the soaked AirPods headphones.

Photo: Reddit

20. A similar case, but then the headphones accidentally ended up in a box with nuggets. It would be better to eat cold.

Photo: Masterzombie26 / Reddit

Have you had similar troubles with the microwave? Write in the comments.

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