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About Everything Wiki » Health » Yoga in pairs: exercises that can be performed with a partner

Yoga in pairs: exercises that can be performed with a partner

02 May 2023, 08:10, parser
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Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to a stretching class in a pair. More precisely, it should have been the simplest workout, but the coach decided to complicate and diversify our sports routine. Classes in pairs really give the best results — my muscles haven't hurt like this for a very long time. With a partner, you can reach places that you would hardly be able to reach on your own ;) And it's also a lot of fun!

Yoga in pairs: exercises that can be performed with a partner

The exercises I want to offer you are quite simple, but still require caution. Since any sudden movement can lead to injury. Therefore, it is better to start doing everything little by little, gradually increasing the load.

Exercise #1
how to do yoga in a pair
Face each other, take hold of your hands so that your palms wrap around your wrists, and begin to bend back gently. You stay in the maximum bent state for 2-3 breaths and come back. No one is pulling anyone and not in a hurry. You do everything slowly and carefully. And don't forget to breathe!

Exercise #2
yoga, stretching exercises

Stand back to back, feet should be at a short distance from the partner's feet. Start leaning forward with a straight back. At the bottom, you grab your partner by the shoulders and help him bend down to his feet with an even back. The back should be smooth, no deflections in the shoulder blades! Ideally, you should press your stomach to your thighs, stretch your chest to your knees, and your chin to your feet. This exercise is suitable only for those who can bend forward with straight legs at least so as to reach the floor with their fingertips. Otherwise, bending down with an even back low enough so that the partner can reach your shoulders with his hands may not work.

Hold for three breaths, release your partner, touch the floor with your hands and slowly rise up with a rounded back.

Exercise #3
yoga, classes at home

I think this exercise is familiar to many. We were forced to squat like that in physical education classes at school. Back to back, legs at a short distance from the partner's legs. Squat carefully, keep your back straight, hip and knee form an angle of 90 degrees. You stayed in static for 3 breaths and slowly rise.

Especially advanced ones do this with the ball sandwiched between their backs.

Exercise #4
If you call this exercise in simple language, then this is a pair stretch in the longitudinal fold. The exercise consists of three parts.

Sit on the floor back to back. One sits with straight legs, the second bends his legs at the knees — prepares to rise.

pair stretch

Then you lift up a little and lie down with your back on your partner's back, thus pressing him to his feet. His knees, accordingly, should be straightened, his stomach is pressed against his hips, his head stretches to his feet. You stay in this position for 3 breaths.

how to do yoga with a partner

And if you want to stretch your back a little, your partner can take your hands and pull you forward a little.

how to stretch your back, yoga in a pair

I missed the exercises with twists and balance. I want to make a separate topic out of this.
For some reason, many men believe that the main thing in sports is only working with muscles and relief, and stretching and yoga are all for girls.

I'm telling you on behalf of all the guys I know who decided to add a little stretch and yoga to their sports diet — it's worth a try!

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