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About Everything Wiki » Health » Infographic: a plate of healthy food

Infographic: a plate of healthy food

02 May 2023, 08:09, parser
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Everyone knows that it is necessary to eat properly and, if possible, eat healthy food. There are a huge number of articles about healthy eating, diet, separate nutrition, organic products, etc. — you can list forever. And in order not to waste your time, I propose a very simple infographic developed by the Harvard School of Public Health on the topic of what should be on your plate so that you feel good and the body receives all the necessary elements.

Infographic: healthy food plate

So, according to research, on your table should be: water, vegetable oils and a plate in which it would be good to settle fruits, vegetables, products containing healthy protein and whole grains.

Vegetable oil

Use your favorite vegetable oil for salads and for cooking. It can be olive oil, unrefined sunflower oil, corn oil, walnut oil, sesame oil or pumpkin oil, any to your taste. Try to avoid consuming large amounts of butter and trans fats.


The more and more diverse the choice of vegetables in your diet, the better. Potatoes and deep-fried potatoes do not count. For example, in order to digest green vegetables, your body will have to spend more energy than it will receive when processing them. Also, green vegetables have a low glycemic index, contain little starch and a lot of fiber and are used for the prevention of diabetes.


Here, too, a variety of choices is welcome without restriction in the color scheme.

Whole grains

Eat more whole-grain foods, such as brown rice, bread, or whole-grain pasta. Try to limit the consumption of refined grains (white rice and white bakery products).

Foods containing healthy protein

These include fish, poultry, nuts and legumes. It is advised to limit the consumption of red meat, bacon, cold cuts and other processed meat products.


It is advised to drink water, tea and coffee (with a small amount of sugar), limit the use of milk (1-2 times a day) and juice (1 small glass a day) and avoid drinks containing a large amount of sugar (carbonated sugary drinks).

And what do you think about such a diet? Since this is another version of healthy eating, it would be interesting to know your opinion.

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