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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to protect yourself from a rapist

How to protect yourself from a rapist

03 May 2023, 16:03, parser
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Elena Martynova
Entrepreneur in the field of advertising, mom, aspiring author.

Not so long ago, a teenage girl friend baffled me with the question: "What to do if you are attacked?". When I asked who she was talking about, she replied, "They're all watching. Tired of listening after: "That's an ass!“ I do not know how to protect myself, if anything."

I immediately remembered a recent flash mob in social networks with the hashtag #yaneboyus to tell. If someone does not know, thousands of women have told about how they were molested and even raped. It was an avalanche, shocking with many confessions.

Once upon a time I read an article about how to behave when meeting a rapist. A little later, she practically saved my life. There was a piece of advice in it: if an attack occurs in the entrance, in no case do not bring the offender home. Until you enter the apartment, there is a chance to break out, make a noise, attract attention. In your apartment, paradoxically, you are defenseless.

At that time, to the rapist's question, "Is anyone at home?" I lied and replied, "Father and brother." Later I managed to escape and scream, and the man who threatened me ran away. By the way, at that moment I was 11 years old and everything happened at lunchtime in the entrance of my native house. I was not wearing provocative clothes or bright makeup. The truth is, it can happen to anyone. And now, being already a mom, I would like to do everything so that this does not happen to either my friends or our growing girls.

Next, I will address you, adults, but I really ask you to tell these simple rules to your daughter, niece or goddaughter.

How to prevent trouble

The best defense against a crime is not to let it happen. According to statistics, most rapists did not choose the most attractive girls as their victims. They chose the circumstances in which they could accomplish their plans. Therefore, remember just a few simple rules.

1. Do not walk in unfamiliar deserted places in the dark

If for some reason this cannot be avoided, arrange with your loved ones about control points: you must call your relatives from the previously agreed places. Avoid late-night hiking in every possible way. The best choice in such cases is public transport or taxi.

Remember: the mandatory control point is the entrance! Constantly remind yourself and your daughter to look around before entering it.

If you are embarrassed to do it openly, you can pretend that you are tying your shoelace, adjusting the strap on your shoe, or stopped to call. During this time, you can assess the situation.

If you see a stranger approaching, never enter the entrance with him. Re-enact the scene with the phone or shoes, hesitate, let him go ahead. Call home and ask someone to come down and meet you. In the dark, stay in the illuminated patch under the lantern. If there is a store nearby, go to it. If you are near the roadway, get out on the road.

When a stranger behaves aggressively or strangely, don't be afraid to attract attention without finding out what he meant. Shout or — which is more effective nowadays — hit the hood of one of the parked cars to trigger the alarm.

2. Never talk to strangers

Even if everything happens during the day and not at night. Even if a person behaves politely and even more so if flirtatious. A rapist looking for an opportunity will take it as an invitation. The best strategy is to remain silent or respond with an eloquent gesture. Look at him coldly and unfriendly. In any case, do not run away: it can only provoke. Try to pass by without changing the pace, and get to a crowded place as quickly as possible.

Another simple trick: let there be a speed dial button for your husband or parents on your mobile. In case of a bad situation, it will help you quickly contact them without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. So your loved ones will be able to hear your conversation with a stranger.

3. Always carry self-defense items in your purse

It can be a classic gas canister or a stun gun. The first, however, is a very ambiguous means of protection, since when spraying it, you have to take into account the direction of the wind, otherwise the liquid can get into your face.

There are fewer problems with the shocker, but you need to practice using it in advance. After all, the offender will not nobly stand aside while you are looking for the right button.

It is much easier in this regard to carry an automatic umbrella or a large heavy handle. The umbrella can be used as a stick for protection. Another option is to open it in the face of the attacker, preferably in the eyes or nose. And a heavy handle, squeezed in the palm of your hand, will be able to replace your brass knuckles and strengthen the impact. Brass Knuckles, by the way, are prohibited by our legislation, so we don't mention them here. It is also convenient to use a pen to poke the offender.

What to do if a stranger speaks to you or attacks you

The main thing is not to show him your fear. No wonder they say that the best defense is attack. If he just made an indecent offer — scream or remember all the obscene words you've ever heard. Threaten, stamp your feet, get angry. Lie that you have a STD (all adults, and do not need to explain what it is?).

In such situations, it is necessary to rely not on force, but on the effect of surprise. One of my friends put the offenders to flight simply by grabbing a stone from the ground and growling. Drunk teenagers — namely, they stuck to the aunt — called her crazy and made legs.

If everything is bad and it has come to a fight, act meanly, evil and unexpectedly. Hit like the last time. In fact, this is how it can be, if you are small-minded.

You are unlikely to know martial arts, but you have to memorize the weaknesses of the enemy.

Most often in such situations, it is advised to hit in the groin. My former hand-to-hand combat coach doubted this technique. It only works if you hit with all your might. If the blow turns out to be weak, you will only anger the opponent. There is a more effective variation of this technique: hit the groin with all your might and at the same time pull his ears or their lobes down with both hands just as hard. In fact, you should strive to tear them off!

In general, ears, eyes, nose and adam's apple are the most vulnerable places. On the ears you need to beat simultaneously with both palms, folded boat. In the eyes — with thumbs or a "goat" from the index and middle. In the nose — with the back of the palm from the bottom up or by improvised means (with the edge of a plastic card, phone, notepad) into the base of the nose.

Many people know that there is a knockout point on a person's chin. However, if you do not have a ballet stretch to reach it with your foot, then it is better to refrain from hitting. In extreme cases, hit it with the back of your hand. But a punch can cost you a broken wrist.

If the opponent grabs you from behind, hit the arch of the foot with your heel with all your might. If there is no heel — with all the strength of the heel in the front of the shin.

Bite! Mike Tyson's reception has not been canceled yet!

It's bad if the attacker has a knife. The main thing you have to do is to get away from the line of impact and put an obstacle between yourself and the knife. To do this, relax the enemy with a conversation, visible consent, and then abruptly step aside from the line of impact and either hit the brush with a purse or briefcase, or at least just put them between you and a knife and shout. In my case, this particular technique worked.

The main thing that all your efforts should lead to is to attract attention to yourself (if, for example, you are in the entrance) or temporarily disorient the offender and run to a crowded place.

Instead of an afterword

Probably, reading the article, you have often thought: "All this is unreal, I could not!" In fact, all the techniques work. The main thing is that you must be ready to fight back and not be submissive. It is foolish to hope for the leniency of a lunatic who has conceived a rape. It is necessary to bet on his fright or on the fact that you will attract attention to yourself and he will not risk doing what he has planned.

Female weakness is a trait that we will cherish for the man we love. In emergency situations, a woman or a girl should show all her strength, cunning and aggression.

And two more facts that I hope will convince you. Known to the whole world thanks to Bruce Lee, the style of wushu — yunchun — was created once by a woman. More precisely, a Chinese nun. And another Chinese woman opened a school of fist fighting, on the basis of which karate was then born.

Be strong, brave, cunning and teach this to your children!

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