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About Everything Wiki » Health » How to get rid of caffeine addiction and use coffee for strategic purposes

How to get rid of caffeine addiction and use coffee for strategic purposes

02 May 2023, 07:18, parser
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I love coffee. No, I really like coffee. And to be completely honest, I really, really, really like coffee. I love it not only for its invigorating effect, but also for the taste, smell and coffee conversations. Yes, I am a coffee addict. I don't drink more than two cups a day, but if I skip my morning coffee, I get the feeling that I missed something. Addiction and addiction appear not only in my taste buds, but also in my brain. Accordingly, I no longer get such an effect of vivacity, as if I drank it for the first time. But it's fixable.

You drink coffee, feel a surge of cheerfulness, then your activity goes down — everything is very simple and natural. However, caffeine is not so simple, and if you understand the subtleties of its effect on the brain, you can learn how to use this wand more effectively.

Starting from the beginning

The easiest way is to start your relationship with coffee from scratch. That is, stop drinking coffee and give the body a little respite. There are many different factors that affect which dose of coffee works best for you. But nothing affects as much as your habit of drinking a certain number of cups a day. Try to gradually reduce the number of cups consumed over 10 days, gradually reducing them to zero.

Of course, your biological characteristics are no less important in this case. You may need a lot more time (and maybe less).

Learning to regulate

After general anesthesia, a killer headache often appears. The best salvation in this case may be a postoperative cup of coffee. Usually, before surgery, doctors ask you to stop drinking alcohol, coffee, sweet and fatty. As a result, the body wakes up after medications completely cleared of caffeine. For him, this is stress and a headache is inevitable.

Knowing about this and about your dependence on coffee, try to start this process a little earlier so that your body has time to get used to the state of decaf. But it's very easy to jump out of this state as soon as you wake up with a terrible headache on a day filled with a lot of urgent matters for which a clean head and a strategic approach are very important.

So before you reach for the coffee machine, keep in mind that caffeine does not create new energy in the body, it only extracts the one that is already in your body. That is, caffeine does not act directly on the cells of your brain, extracting from there the long-awaited reserves of energy. It is very similar to adenosine, which plays an important role in stimulating sleep and suppressing wakefulness and is a kind of exhaustion sensor. Caffeine blocks the body's receptors that signal fatigue to the brain and you get the desired effect of vivacity from coffee.

So if you spend the second sleepless night and at the same time constantly drink coffee, the effect of its use decreases.

One of the interesting ways to use caffeine, which has already been mentioned in one of our posts, is the alternation of a cup of coffee and sleep. You drink a cup of coffee and go to bed for 15 minutes (naturally, set the alarm). For an easy rest, this time is quite enough for the body, and just after 15 minutes, caffeine will turn on in your body. That is, you both rest and wake up immediately refreshed. An ideal option before taking exams or an important project. But all the same, you will not be able to stand it for a long time and sooner or later you will fall into a deep sleep lasting at least a day.

But what if you, like me, appreciate in coffee not only its effect on the body? If you want to enjoy the smell and taste of coffee, you can order a decaf coffee. High-quality decaffeinated coffee is no less delicious. In addition, caffeine is not the only element that helps to be cheerful and cheerful. Coffee also contains GABA, which improves blood supply, increases the utilization of glucose by the brain and activates the energy processes of the brain.

And when you really need to cheer up for a big jerk, a cup of coffee will have a much stronger effect than dozens of familiar cups of coffee before ;)

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