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About Everything Wiki » Leisure » 10 modern TV series about the USSR that will cause nostalgia and make you think

10 modern TV series about the USSR that will cause nostalgia and make you think

29 May 2023, 14:00, parser
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1. Thaw

  • Russia, 2013.
  • Drama, romance.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 7,7.

Viktor Khrustalev is a promising operator at the very beginning of his journey. After a sit-down with a friend, screenwriter Kostya, the hero finds out that he fell out of the window. Victor finds Kostya's manuscripts and decides that he will definitely screen them.

"Thaw" became the serial debut for Valery Todorovsky. Prior to this project, he was known for his work on the films "Dudes" and "Lover". "Thaw" laid the visual style in which almost all projects about USSR are now filmed.

2. Food unit

  • Russia, 2021.
  • Thriller, detective, fantasy.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 6,1.
A frame from the TV series "Food Hall"

In the children's camp "Petrel" on the banks of the Volga, strange things begin to happen. Children disappear at night, and in the morning they come back completely different. Most counselors enjoy the summer and do not notice what is happening around. The boy Valera and the counselor Igor are the only ones who decide to solve the mystery of the "Petrel".

Director "The food department" is Svyatoslav Podhaevsky. Before the series, he worked on the films "The Bride", "The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead" and "Yaga. The nightmare of the dark forest." It turned out to be a good thriller that combines an interesting plot and the entourage of a pioneer camp.

3. Magomaev

  • Russia, 2020.
  • Biography, drama, music.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 7,6.
A frame from the TV series "Magomayev"

Muslim Magomayev is the main star of the 60s. One day he meets a modest beauty Tamara Sinyavskaya, an opera singer. Feelings immediately arise between them. The problem is that Muslim is in a relationship, and Tamara is married. They have to fight not only for a place on the stage, but also for the opportunity to be together.

The role of Muslim Magomayev was played by Milos Bikovich, and Irina Antonenko appeared in the image of his partner. It is noteworthy that the actors were personally approved by Tamara Sinyavskaya. It turned out to be a good series for those who love Soviet pop.

4. Farce

  • Russia, 2015.
  • Crime, drama.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 6,8.

Four young people have been growing up together since childhood and are ready to do anything for each other. One day one of them loses heavily at cards to local bandits and finds himself in debt. The whole company decides to do a farce to pay the money. As the underground business grows and develops, the characters begin to change not for the better.

The main role in "Farce" was played by Alexander Petrov. Critics noted a good script and excellent work on costumes, as well as the acting. The series may appeal to those who like stories about Soviet fashion.

5. Vertinsky

  • Russia, 2021.
  • Biography, music, drama.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 6,9.

Alexander Vertinsky is one of the main chansonniers of the Soviet Union. He was loved, he was recognizable in all corners of the world. However, the artist had many enemies, as well as problems in his personal life, which often prevented him from doing creative work.

The director of the biographical project was Avdotya Smirnova, who also worked on the "History of One Appointment". The role of Alexander Vertinsky was played by Alexey Filimonov. It turned out to be an interesting series about Soviet music of the Stalinist period.

6. Guests from the past

  • Russia, 2020 — present.
  • Comedy, science fiction.
  • 2 seasons.
  • IMDb: 7,0.
A frame from the TV series "Guests from the past"

Matvey Piotrovsky conducts scientific experiments at home. One of them is the creation of a time machine. As a result, two eras settled in the apartment: his, 1982, and the second, with the Internet. Now the new neighbors are trying to get along together, but it doesn't always work out well.

The premiere of the series "Guests from the Past" starring Yuri Stoyanov took place on the STS TV channel. At the moment, two seasons have been released, the project will not end there. It will surely appeal to those who like naive and simple comedies.

7. Mosgaz

  • Russia, 2012.
  • Detective, crime.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 7,1.
A frame from the TV series "Mosgaz"

Vladimir Ionesyan "Mosgaz" is the first, as is commonly believed, serial killer in the USSR. He entered the apartments of his victims, posing as a utility worker. By Khrushchev's personal order, two weeks were allocated for the search for the killer — the specialists handed over the case on time.

The director of the crime series "Mosgaz" is Andrey Malyukov. He also worked on another successful project, Thunder Gate. Despite the fact that the series definitely cannot be called bright and kind, it perfectly conveys the details of Soviet life — from the interior to clothes.

8. The Eighties

  • Russia, 2011-2016.
  • Comedy, romance.
  • 6 seasons.
  • IMDb: 6,5.
A shot from the TV series "The Eighties"

Vanya Smirnov is a Muscovite, a second—year student and the first in the family to receive a higher education. Parents are proud of their son, although they believe that perhaps it would be better if he went to work at the factory. Vanya Smirnov is surrounded by ordinary Soviet everyday life, but he constantly finds adventures for himself.

"The Eighties" is a successful series, which premiered on the STS TV channel in 2011. The project greatly embellished the lives of Soviet people, but many people liked it.

9. Optimists

  • Russia, 2017.
  • Drama, history, adventure.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 7,0.

In the 1960s, Soviet diplomats were trying to establish communication between the USSR and other countries. In order to prevent scandals, the heroes are ready to take any measures. At the same time, personal relationships often interfere with work.

The main roles in "Optimists" were performed by Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Artem Bystrov and Egor Koreshkov. The screenwriter is Mikhail Idov, who later worked on the film "The Humorist". "Optimists" is more of a melodrama than an attempt to tell something unusual about Soviet times, but many liked the overall atmosphere of the series.

10. Mannequin

  • Russia, 2014.
  • Melodrama.
  • season 1.
  • IMDb: 5,9.
A shot from the TV series "The Model"

A pupil of the orphanage, 18‑year-old Alexandra moves to Moscow to enroll in university. The girl's plans collapse, and she has to get a job at a modeling house, but only as a cleaner. Sasha's career is flying up after she is noticed by one of the fashion designers.

A naive melodrama about a provincial girl who made her way from a cleaner to the main Soviet model, won the hearts of the audience. A fairy tale about a girl with dreams of great love was released in 2014 in the format of a mini‑series. Starring Anna Mikhailovskaya.

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