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About Everything Wiki » Health » What a myocardial infarction can look like

What a myocardial infarction can look like

31 May 2023, 00:00, parser
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What symptoms do myocardial infarction usually have

When people talk about a heart attack, they remember about severe pain in the heart area, which also gives to the left half of the body, especially in the arm. But this is not the only sign.

In case of a heart attack, there may be Heart attack / Mayo Clinic :

  • feeling weak and dizzy;
  • sweating;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • feeling of anxiety and fear of death up to a panic attack.

The classic painful, or anginous, variant occurs A.V. Gordienko. Hospital therapy most often, especially in young and middle-aged people, if the attack happened for the first time.

If there is no typical pain, a person does not always understand that it is a heart attack. And in vain.

When a heart attack does not proceed as usual

The heart may not hurt — or almost not hurt — for various reasons. For example, because after the first heart attack, the heart tissue was replaced by connective tissue — sclerosis developed. Or because nervous transmission has been disrupted due to concomitant diseases, such as diabetes.

In women, more often than in men, the clinical picture causes Heart Attack Symptoms in Women / American Heart Association doubts, because in the absence of pain there is 3 Heart Attack Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore / Cleveland Clinic other non-obvious signs, such as extreme weakness and fatigue, inability to perform habitual actions, shortness of breath, and others.

What a myocardial infarction can look like

A heart attack can disguise itself as different conditions.

For heartburn, poisoning or acute stomach

If the pain in the heart is weakly expressed, then it can be taken Heart attack / NHS for a heartburn attack. This is due to the fact that the heart is located near the stomach.

As we have already said, in addition to the pain of a heart attack, there is A.V. Gordienko. Hospital therapy :

If they appeared against the background of mild pain in the chest and upper third of the abdomen, then a heart attack can be mistaken for poisoning, intestinal infection, exacerbation of pancreatitis or cholecystitis, especially in people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, they talk about a gastralgic, or abdominal, variant.

For an arrhythmia attack

During a heart attack, is often violated Heart attack / NHS heart rate, sometimes to cardiac arrest. A person may feel that:

  • the heart is beating too hard;
  • there are some "interruptions" and pauses;
  • there was weakness up to loss of consciousness;
  • broke into a cold sweat.

If the pain is not expressed, then you can say A.V. Gordienko. Hospital therapy about the arrhythmic variant of a heart attack.

For an asthma attack

This form occurs with the development of left ventricular heart failure, when blood circulation is disrupted in the area of the left ventricle, and its area is very large.

Then appears A.V. Gordienko. Hospital therapy :

  • difficulty breathing;
  • excruciating attack of cough with foamy pinkish sputum;
  • feeling of lack of air;
  • suffocation.

Such a heart attack is called asthmatic.

For stroke

Sometimes a heart attack accompanies C. C. Huang, P. C. Liao. Heart Attack Causes Head‑Ache – Cardiac Cephalalgia / Acta Cardiological Sinica the strongest headache, as if something exploded inside. It can occur after physical exertion and decrease after taking medications for angina pectoris.

This atypical form is called cephalgic, or cardiac cephalgia.

In addition to pain, it indicates:

  • photophobia;
  • intolerance to loud sounds;
  • dizziness;
  • increased pressure.


With extensive heart attacks, a complication is possible — cardiogenic shock. It is developing Cardiogenic Shock / Cleveland Clinic , when the heart can no longer pump blood. If the pain was not very pronounced, then it may seem that the person is simply losing consciousness.

Symptoms also include:

  • sudden pressure drop;
  • feeling terribly tired;
  • pallor;
  • confusion of consciousness;
  • coldness of hands and feet;
  • loss of appetite;
  • swelling of the legs.

If help is not provided quickly, the person will most likely die.

Can a heart attack occur without symptoms at all

Yes. Then it is called Silent heart attack: What are the risks? / Mayo Clinic pain-free or asymptomatic. Despite the absence of signs, it is also dangerous for the heart. Due to the fact that it often goes unnoticed, the risk of repeated heart attack increases, which can already become fatal.

A pain‑free heart attack can be detected using electrocardiography (ECG) or echocardiography (ECHO-KG).

What to do if you suspect a heart attack

Even if you're not sure if it's a heart attack, always call Warning Signs of a Heart Attack / American Heart Association to the ambulance. The attendant will consult and, if necessary, send a car to you. This is the case when minutes decide.

The ambulance doctor will take an electrocardiogram and possibly take you to the hospital. Even if there are no changes on the ECG, but the doctor recommends hospitalization — do not refuse, because additional studies may be needed.

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