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About Everything Wiki » Survival » What to do if you get stuck in an elevator

What to do if you get stuck in an elevator

14 Jan 2024, 12:04, parser
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What to do if you get stuck in an elevator

The elevator, like other equipment, can fail at any moment. This is most often due to equipment failure, power outage, and overload. If you find yourself in a stuck cabin, do not panic and follow our instructions.

1. Contact the dispatcher

Press the special button on the digital panel of the elevator (usually a bell or a handset is painted on it). Wait for the dispatcher to respond and report the problem. He will record your request, specify the address if necessary, and also tell you how long you will have to wait for the arrival of technicians.

If the call button does not work or the dispatcher does not answer, contact him or the service organization by phone. The number can usually be found on the digital panel or in an advertisement on the wall of the elevator.

In emergency situations, when none of the communication methods worked, you can call someone close to you, the Unified Dispatch Service of your city or rescuers by the short number 112.

2. Call for help

It happens that the dispatcher's call button does not work, there is no mobile connection in the elevator, or you find yourself without a phone at all. In this case, try to shout as loudly as possible that you are stuck in order to attract the attention of someone from the neighbors. As soon as someone responds, ask them to call a specialist.

3. Observe the safety measures

Do not try to get out of the elevator, as it can go at any moment, and such amateur activity can lead to at least injuries. Do not rock the cabin, do not open the doors, do not jump and refrain from any sudden movements. And you should also not press all the buttons in a row: believe me, this senseless action will not make the elevator work.

There is one important exception to these rules. If you smell burning or realize that a fire has started in the shaft, cabin or building, try to leave the elevator as soon as possible if it stops on the floor. Try to open the doors with keys, an umbrella or other objects, and actively call for help. If the elevator is stuck between floors and you cannot get out on your own, moisten a handkerchief, clothes or other cloth with some liquid and cover your nose and mouth with a damp material until help arrives.

4. Stay calm

Turning off the elevator is a common life situation. Remember that sooner or later a technician will arrive and release you from prison. To make the wait as comfortable as possible, take off your outerwear and put your hand luggage. If you are tired of standing, sit on the floor and stretch your legs.

If you or any of the passengers feel unwell, immediately inform the dispatcher or the person who responded to the help and is on the other side of the cabin. An ambulance will be called if necessary.

5. Wait for the arrival of specialists

The Regulation on the organization and operation of elevators says Order of the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation dated 30.06.99 No. 158 on approval of the Regulations on the procedure for organizing the operation of elevators in the Russian Federation that you must be released from the stuck cabin within 30 minutes of receipt of the request to the control room. But this is in theory. Unfortunately, in practice, the waiting time for specialists can stretch up to several hours. There may have been a massive power outage in the area, a simultaneous breakdown of a large number of elevators, serious traffic jams or other circumstances that prevent the team from coming to you quickly.

Upon arrival, the technicians will fix the problem and start the elevator. Do not press the buttons while driving and wait for the cab to stop completely and the doors to open. After that, leave the room.

What else do you need to remember if you get stuck in an elevator

  • Try to save battery power and do not sit on the phone until the arrival of specialists. You may need to contact us to report a deterioration in your health or other emergency situation and clarify the waiting time.
  • If you have water, do not empty all the supplies at once. Keep the liquid on hand for the entire time of incarceration so that you or other passengers can quench their thirst. Of course, another logical reason for saving money is the lack of a toilet in the elevator.
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