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About Everything Wiki » Health » Stretching in bed: 6 useful exercises

Stretching in bed: 6 useful exercises

22 May 2023, 13:19, parser
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We write a lot about various useful exercises for weight loss and strength development, but somehow we completely forgot about such an important type of physical activity as stretching. And absolutely in vain — these exercises are extremely important for maintaining muscle tone, developing flexibility, plasticity and coordination of movements. You should definitely include stretching exercises in your daily practice, especially since they do not take a lot of time and do not require any equipment. For example, you can do several exercises right in bed before going to bed or right after waking up.

Performing this set of exercises in the morning will help shake off the remnants of sleep, cheer up and will be a great start to the day. It is no less useful to stretch a little before going to bed: you will be able to relax, forget about the day's stresses and worries, tune in for a night's rest.

1. Twisting on the back

In the supine position, bend and raise your left knee, and then lower it to the right side. At the same time, the left arm and shoulder are extended perpendicular to the body, the head is turned to the left. With your right hand, you can help yourself by pressing on your hip and achieving an even greater twisting effect. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

2. Pulling up the knees to the chest

In the prone position, bend your leg, then pull it up with your hands to your chest. Do not apply too much effort so as not to stretch the ligaments. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then change legs.

3. Half-step lying down

In the supine position, lift the bent leg up and grab the foot with your hands. Helping yourself with your hands, press your knee to the body. Hold in this position for 30 seconds before changing legs.

4. Quadriceps stretching

In the supine position, grasp the upper part of the ankle and pull it towards the buttocks. By changing the distance of the knee from the bed, you can use different muscle groups. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then turn over and repeat for the left leg.

5. Cobra

This exercise will stretch the muscles of the neck, chest, abdomen, and also develops the flexibility of the spine. In the lying position on your stomach, rest on your hands and lift your head and shoulders up, without lifting the pelvis from the bed. Hold in the maximum deflection position for 30 seconds, then gently lower back down.

6. Flying on your back

Sit across the bed with your legs stretched out. Slowly lower yourself back so that your shoulders and head hang off the bed. Try to reach the floor with your hands, while experiencing maximum stretching of the muscles of the chest, abdomen, and arms. Hang in this position for 30 seconds.

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