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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to protect your phone on the beach

How to protect your phone on the beach

04 May 2023, 15:15, parser
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What gadgets to take with you

The ideal option for reading is a tablet or an e—book. The laptop is too bulky and uncomfortable for the beach. In addition, there are many cracks in it, into which sand can easily fall asleep or water can leak.

E-books are preferable for the beach, their screen does not glare, and they do not have a backlight.

If you still took a tablet with you, then you will have problems reading with dark glasses. If you are wearing polarizing glasses (and these are the ones that best protect you from the sun), then the screen of your device will seem too dark or even black to you. Rotate the tablet 90 degrees, you will be surprised, but it will help! Let's say the screen appears black to you in portrait mode, turn it to horizontal mode, and vice versa: if it appears black in horizontal mode, then flip it vertically. The option of turning the tablet depends on the type of your glasses.

Accessories worth taking with you

Unfortunately, almost nothing can be done with the glare on the screen. You can, of course, stick an anti-glare film, but it will not save the situation much. The screen will look less like a mirror, but it will still be difficult to see something in direct sunlight.

It is important to protect the gadget from water and sand. Buying a waterproof case will solve this problem, but there is also a cheaper way: bags for products with a zip-lock. They will perfectly protect the device from water, besides, you can use the touchscreen right through the bag.

How to save the device if it still got water, sand or dirt

Whatever precautions you take, your gadget can sometimes fall into the sand or, even worse, into the water. Fortunately, if the necessary measures are taken quickly, he can be saved.

1. The device fell into the sand

You dropped the device in the sand and now all the micro-cracks and holes are full of grains of sand. In this case, a can of compressed air will help (they are sold in computer stores and are designed specifically for cleaning equipment). With the help of a spray can, you can easily get rid of sand in the device.

2. The device fell into the water

The device that has fallen into the water should be placed in a container with dry rice as soon as possible. You also need to remove the battery, if possible, and do not put it back in as long as possible, preferably a few days. In this case, there is a chance that you will save the life of your gadget.

Sometimes it's better just not to take gadgets with you

Going to the beach, remember that there are still paper books. They are convenient to read in the sun in any position, and even if water gets on the book, it will still be possible to read it, and you will not need to urgently run for rice.

Instead of a smartphone, you can take an old phone. You will have a calmer rest. In addition, a paper book and a regular phone are unlikely to attract the attention of beach thieves.

Do you have any tips on how to save your gadgets from summer troubles? Write to us in the comments.

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