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About Everything Wiki » Health » How not to swell from poverty

How not to swell from poverty

02 May 2023, 07:05, parser
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Today it has become obvious that fullness is increasingly a sign of poverty, not wealth. Saving on nutrition and lifestyle are the main reasons for excess weight. In an increasingly complicated economic situation, it's worth thinking about how not to fall victim to such a process, because it's tempting to save money by switching to cheap food, right? Let's write down some principles that can help us in this.

  • Limit yourself immediately. First and most important, do not take a full tray of food — then you can go even if something happens, and forget about how mom said that the plate should stay clean.
  • Don't eat just for the sake of taste and pleasure. Of course, flavors identical to natural ones excite the receptors, but there is no need to expect good from excess.
  • Eat fast food. You won't escape it anyway. Just combine it with healthy food and always start eating with it — so there will be less space for garbage in the stomach. It's better to leave a half-eaten hamburger than vegetables.
  • Don't eat fast food regularly. Make sure that fast food does not become your main food.
  • Don't rush. Chew your food thoroughly. This will not only allow you to get more out of each gram of food, but also allow you to get enough of it with less.
  • Drink more water. Water as a substitute for other drinks will not only save you from extra calories, but also allow you to dull the feeling of hunger that makes you pounce on food.
  • Talk. In addition to the obvious benefits of slowing down the process of absorbing food, you will get the opportunity to solve problems, have fun or even make new pleasant and useful acquaintances. But don't talk with your mouth full, Mom was right about that.
  • Try to eat with someone who follows a similar diet.
  • Turn off the TV. Viewing the box makes you immune to what you are doing and you eat a week's supply of African family without noticing it.
  • Become demanding. Yes, fast food is not only delicious, it is also convenient, but think about the fact that you deserve more and try to provide yourself with better food, which will need less if you follow the advice above.
  • Exercise. There is nothing to comment on here. Health and endurance will be useful to you, and especially in difficult times.
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